She Easily Lost 27 Pounds With The Inner Self Diet - FearlessFatLossI have another wonderful, inspiring, struggle-free weight loss success story to share with you today from another one of my awesome Inner Self Diet™ coaching clients (yay!).

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Today’s success is from Marsha, a recent Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™. She has already released 27 pounds without struggle, deprivation, or force, but there is so much more success that she has had that goes beyond the easy weight loss!

How could there be even more success beyond the easy weight loss? Here’s why:

In order to achieve struggle-free permanent weight loss you must transform at a core level In your Inner Self. Why? Because the reasons you became an emotional eater, binge eater, overeater, last supper eater, stuffer, compulsive overeater, yo-yo dieter (etc.) are all On the Inside of YOU. You will NOT find those reasons in the food.

Therefore, how can a food diet solve those problems for you? Perhaps you’ve wondered why no food diet has ever ended your emotional eating and food obsessions?

Perhaps you often ask yourself, “How can I be so smart and successful, but I STILL struggle with my weight? Why can’t I just stop eating and lose weight once and for all?!”

Since you must shift at a core level in order to put ALL of your food and weight struggles behind you, that core shift ends up impacting ALL areas of your life positively!

Your finances, your relationships, your spirituality, your fitness, all of these areas transform in a positive way because YOU are In all of those areas of your life. And when YOU transform at such a foundational level in The Inner Self Diet™ then sure, weight loss becomes extremely easy. Meaning that it becomes very easy to live a healthy lifestyle! Food addictions are gone, binge eating is gone, stress, worry and fear about food and weight gain is gone.

Whew! How would THAT feel to be living those results today?! Marsha is living them now and she wants to tell you about it. Click the Play Button on the audio player below to listen in immediately and hear a real person who has Graduated The Inner Self Diet™ tell you what it’s really like to live easy weight loss and also tell you about the other life successes she is enjoying!

Click the Play Button on the player below to listen to Marsha share her success story now!

You’re never too old to release all of your food and weight struggles. As you will hear, Marsha is 64 and this is the first time she’s been struggle-free with food and weight in her lifetime.

Inspiration Struggle-free Weight Loss Success Stories!Remember, if there is just one person who has released all of their food and weight struggles, then So Can You! The easiest way to do it is to just do the same steps that they did. When the proven program is already put together for you, why not take the easy way and do what they did? As it is, The Inner Self Diet always works anyway, so it sure sounds like a good route to your success that lasts with your weight!

Some highlights from Marsha’s struggle-free weight loss success story:

  • Marsha struggled with compulsive overeating, overweight, and her weight for over 49 years.
  • She is free of that struggle today (yay!)
  • She was out of control with her eating
  • Marsha had almost given up after buying all infomercial weight loss products she viewed along with purchasing new diet books, exercise equipment, et. al.
  • “This program (The Inner Self Diet) is so amazing, I honestly didn’t even believe that I could get to this place.”
  • A bag of Hershey’s Kisses sat on Marsha’s counter for weeks and before The Inner Self Diet they would not have lasted one day in her house.
  • Marsha’s chocolate addiction is completely gone.
  • She is no longer compelled to eat foods that are not healthy for her.
  • Marsha feels so grateful for her transformation in The Inner Self Diet™

And more!

  • If given a choice between a starchy entree and a salad I choose the salad every time, because it’s what I want! It’s effortless. Amazing.
  • She always lived in the “Heavyweight Camp” and today, she’s experiencing the same thing that Naturally Slender People do.
  • Marsha is able to live healthy and fit without struggle, the chocolate doesn’t pull her in any longer, it’s not a big deal!
  • Marsha feels liberated. Liberated from the struggle (yay!)

Please give Marsha a huge round of applause!! She deserves it because she stepped up for herself, she did the proven steps of The Inner Self Diet (my proven, proprietary, step-by-step mentoring system to permanent weight loss) and she released all of that heavy struggle….along with 27 pounds, so far!

To Get Marsha’s Results

To get the results that Marsha is living, simply take the same first step that Marsha did! Here’s what she did: She applied for a complimentary weight loss discovery session with me. That was her very first step, and you can do the exact same thing. Why not go all out for yourself and make 2014 YOUR year to shine?! Apply here now (You already know that “tomorrow” never comes. Don’t you deserve success with your weight now?!)