Veggies Beautiful at Fearless Fat Loss dot comIn How to Make Eating Healthy EASY To Do I gave you a very brief outline of the exciting, struggle-free, healthy eating successes that current clients in The Inner Self Diet™ gave me permission to share with you.

Today I’m giving you the full details these three exceptional, successful women shared about their Results of Success from taking action with the proven steps of The Inner Self Diet™.

Why is this important to YOU?

Here’s how to answer that question for yourself. Just ask yourself, “If I could EASILY eat healthy and exercise, just because I enjoy it, AND if I no longer struggled with emotional eating, compulsive overeating, and food addictions then what could possibly stop me from dropping the fat and keeping it off?”

If you’re like 99.9% of respondents, your answer to that question is, “NOTHING could stop me because I’d no longer be stopping myself!”

And you are correct.

Right now, it’s YOU and only YOU who is stopping you from losing weight with ease and maintaining it for life. But this doesn’t mean you know how to fix it since those reasons are buried deep within you and continue to run in your subconscious. But if you were to get your Inner Self cleaned up then it would be super easy for you to clean up your body.

It’s Easy for Them to Eat Healthy and Make Healthy Choices Today

Let’s get inspired by the details of the amazing ease these ladies are having today with their healthy eating and easy exercise! (Yes, they used to be stuck in the struggle, just like you are today. Healthy actions were very very difficult for them before they took action with The Inner Self Diet™.)

Nancy’s Effortless Success:

“I used to give so much (negative) energy to FOOD.

Now I am so empowered in my grocery shopping, I’m easily picking healthy vegetables, picking what will feel best for ME and my body. I feel so excited, there’s not enough hours in the day for making healthy recipes and I’ve rediscoved my feeling of joy for healthy cooking.

I’m jazzed up and creative and it feels so good. I’m bringing healthy meals to work and I feel so much better when I’m putting high-test fuel in my body.

In the past I Made Myself eat healthy (like the Marine corps) but today it’s different because it’s about my feeling (conscious empowerment).”

These are Nancy’s Results from taking action with the proven steps of The Inner Self Diet™. Yay Nancy!! The Best News is that YOU can get these results, too. Just do the steps of The Inner Self Diet™! Click here to apply.

Question for You:

How EASY would it be for you to lose weight if you could easily eat healthy, rather than fighting your junk food urges all the time?

Marsha’s Results of easy, healthy eating and exercise:

“I exercised several times last week because I WANTED to. I am very pleased about that!

I can’t believe that at lunch I had a wonderful salad and only had half of it.

Making good choices now is so EASY. I’m aware of what I’m eating now and not eating nearly as much.

It’s a big screaming deal that I’m no longer getting all of those signals to eat that I used to (most of them in the past were signals to eat to avoid doing other things I did not want to do)

My trust in myself and my body has increased and I’ve got so much more confidence in myself now.”

Question for You:

How EASY would it be for you to lose weight if you could Stop Eating when you are physically full, rather than stuffing yourself and eating when you’re not even hungry? (When you are an emotional eater, binge eater, and/or a sugar addict you do not eat for physical hunger.)
Katie’s Big Success with Katie being At Choice and In Control of Katie:

“I had a family event and even though things were very busy I still took time for myself each day to do my Inner Self Diet steps. (Side Note from JoLynn: Katie chose to continue feeding her mind before her body – excellent example of empowerment.)

I could have overeaten and overindulged at the event but I didn’t. I chose not to overindulge because I wanted to feel good the next day.

I’m at choice now (consciously) and I feel good about it. I’m doing it now. I Chose how I wanted to experience my weekend. My Choice.”

Question for You:

How EASY would it be for you to lose weight if YOU were the one in full control of your eating and your food choices and it felt good to you?

Note that the kind of control (FORCE) you are attempting to do to yourself today to make yourself stick to a diet is NOT the kind of control that Katie is succeeding with. When you have the kind of control that Katie has then you feel really good about the Choices you are making. It is the opposite of willpower and force, which never works long term.

To Get YOUR Results

If you are Serious about getting the Results of:

  • Effortless weight loss
  • Freedom from your out of control eating
  • Full Control in Your Healthy Choices
  • Living healthy because you WANT to
  • No Willpower required
  • Struggle-free ease with your eating and your weight
  • Become one of “those people” who are naturally slender
  • Live a healthy lifestyle with ease and joy
  • No more FIGHT against your current junk food obsessions
  • Release from the bondage of emotional eating
  • The body of YOUR dreams

If you are Serious about achieving the Results of struggle-free lasting success with your weight then Click here to apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session. 

It’s the same first step that Nancy, Marsha, and Katie took to get the Results they are living today, AND they still have even more success to expect in The Inner Self Diet™! 

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