Floral Auras at FearlessFatLoss.comDo you “hate on” your overweight body?

Do you tell yourself that “After I lose weight then I’ll feel great!”

Do you put yourself down because of your out of control eating, weight gains, and junk food addictions?

Here’s what you don’t realize: Weight loss will be very difficult for you as long as you keep the mindset that you have today.

What kind of a mindset is that? It’s an F.A.T. Mindset, a mindset grounded in Fear Attracting Thoughts. A mindset that has been fueled by the diet industry and the media which tells you that you are not good enough today because you are overweight.

The problem with that mindset is that it keeps you STUCK. You cannot lose weight struggle-free as long as you continue to hate your overweight. (Yes! It’s OK to want to live in a fit, slender body! But an F.A.T. Mindset will not help you get there.)

Make Peace With Your Overweight to Lose Weight Struggle-Free

This is a radical concept for most, and it’s the same mindset that all of my clients have before they work with me in The Inner Self Diet™.

They thought that weight loss would make them happy. They thought that they’d feel good someday when they’d finally see that magical number on the scale.

What this kind of thinking, in an F.A.T. Mindset does for you, is it keeps you perpetually feeling bad until that “Some Day” when you’ll finally lose weight. But of all of the times you’ve lost weight in the past, how many times did you maintain it? And exactly How Happy were you?

Weight loss doesn’t make you happy. A weight loss mindset DOES. And then the Magic occurs: The magic of a weight loss mindset is the fact that THEN weight loss becomes easy. It’s no longer the frustrating struggle that you live today!

Katie’s Success (Yay Katie!!)

Katie, a current client of mine in The Inner Self Diet™, had a breakthrough in experiencing Being OK right now in the body she is in. She achieved the Inner Peace that so many of my clients desire as a result of The Inner Self Diet™. Especially those clients I’ve worked with who were not very overweight deeply wanted freedom from their struggles, which when they got it felt like wonderful inner peacefulness for them.

Why don’t you have Inner Peace today? Because you’ve experienced so many repeated failures. Not necessarily at weight loss (you’ve done that many times!) but at keeping the fat off. If you could just drop that fat and Keep It Off without feeling deprived, without food obsessions, and without “going back to your old ways”, then just how good would you feel?

What if you were to become one of “those people” who eat to live instead of living to eat? (Yay!!)

“But Has She Lost 50 pounds in 50 Days?”

A symptom of an F.A.T. Mindset is expecting IMMEDIATE Weight Loss.

Here’s the truth: The human body does not release fat overnight. Unless you have a dreaded dis-ease your body releases fat over time. This is another reason your F.A.T. Mindset will keep you stuck.

FACT: Before you can achieve struggle-free weight loss you must do the steps to become OK with where you are right now. You must achieve that inner peace Today, right now, in that body you are living in, no matter how overweight or obese you are. Once you achieve inner peace with your overweight body, then you are moving in the right direction towards struggle-free weight loss!

Katie had the experience of “Being One”, which means you feel that deep inner peace and knowing that you Are OK right now. Once you get to that place and then you have the Inner Self Tools to get back there at any time, then you are golden.

I can’t stress enough just how vital it is that you become OK right now, exactly where you are. When you fight against your fat, all you are doing is increasing the focus on your fat, and thereby, you are creating MORE of it.

You know this already, you’ve done it many many times: You look at your fat, you feel bad about it, and then you overeat to try to feel better….but that just keeps you stuck where you are.

You must find a way to feel good right now in your overweight or obese body. Yes, it’s much easier to do this when you are working with a highly qualified coach and mentor, which is exactly what I do with my clients in The Inner Self Diet™. But if you can find a way to feel even a little better about yourself right now, in the body you are in, you will be taking a step towards struggle-free weight loss.

Katie had a big breakthrough when she had the experience of inner peace in the body she’s currently in. Experience is key because words do NOT teach. Only experience teaches, which is what all of my clients learn, and experience! They Experience Struggle-free Weight Loss, they don’t just talk about it or read about it (Yay!!).

I’ve worked with several clients who had a great deal of resistance to feeling good before they lost weight. They didn’t want to feel that inner peace because they thought they didn’t deserve it until they were thin. Additionally they thought that if they felt good in their overweight body then they wouldn’t want to lose weight anymore. But that’s not how the Laws of This Universe work. You must achieve the feeling first, if you want your journey to your ideal body to be struggle-free.

How To Lose Weight Struggle-Free in the Least Amount of Time Possible

To lose weight struggle-free you must FIRST get a weight loss mindset. Just one component of a weight loss mindset is the experience that Katie achieved. There is a great deal more that makes up a true weight loss mindset, which more than likely would not make sense to you while reading the text on this page. Suffice it to say that you must achieve full inner alignment if you are serious about achieving the success you crave on the outside: Living struggle-free in your ideal body. Living a healthy and fit lifestyle without a fight. Becoming one of “those people” who eat what they want when they want and do not use food for their emotions.

If you would love to end your lifelong food & weight struggles so that you can drop the fat and keep it off without deprivation, struggle, or force, then apply now for a complimentary weight loss discovery session. It’s the first step towards struggle-free weight loss and all of the endless benefits that come with it!

“I came to JoLynn for a weight loss solution and what I got was a Life solution. Thank you JoLynn!” ~ Candy, Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™

“The reasons you are overweight are only 10% because due to your overeating and lack of consistency to live a healthy lifestyle. The reasons you are overweight are deep Root issues that impact your entire Life. Heal those Root issues and you’ll get struggle-free weight loss along with a transformation in your entire Life. (That’s how it has to be if you want permanent weight loss)” ~ JoLynn Braley, Founder of The Inner Self Diet™

Photo Credit: qthomasbower on Flickr