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Imagine…if you could solve your Biggest weight-loss challenge. Permanently.
A bold claim – but we know that it’s true.

Are You…

  • Frustrated because you are so smart and successful career wise…yet still you struggle with this one area of your life? The area pertaining to Food and your Weight?
  • Fed up because you’ve thought you should have been able to solve the root of your weight problems already because you have achieved success in the rest of your life? But still never achieved permanent success with your weight.
  • Aware that the permanent solution will not be found in a new diet or exercise program? (What happens if you cannot take consistent Action?)

Do You…

  • Recognize the high value in having your own coach?
  • Realize that there is a reason that all Olympic athletes have a coach?
  • Accept that if you could have solved the root of your weight problems on your own, then you would have already done so?

Can You…

  • See yourself in the body of your dreams?
  • Feel what that would be like for you? If you learned how to transform yourself so that you could get there, and stay there?
  • Hear what others would say about the amazing transformation they would see in you?

For a limited time…

Apply for a complimentary, one-on-one strategy session with JoLynn Braley, The F.A.T. Release Coach.

This is for you if you are serious about releasing the struggle with food & your weight now instead of continuing to talk about wanting to lose the weight someday…while you continue to live in the ongoing struggle.

If You…

  • Are serious about achieving permanent success with your weight.
  • Would love to put an end to the constant frustration you live with pertaining to your weight.
  • Know that if you could simply stay consistent, stop sabotaging yourself, and stop stuffing yourself, then you could make huge strides towards your dream body…with only three of the total permanent changes that you could have.

If this is You then… apply for a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session with JoLynn Now.

(CAUTION: This is NOT for the squeamish or the faint of heart. If you only want to talk about wanting weight-loss success but continue to reject it, this call will be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to your excuses for continuing to fail!)

“I Feel Reborn…”
“Before working with JoLynn in The Inner Self Diet my biggest struggle was yo-yo dieting. I could lose weight but not keep it off. It was also a struggle for me to exercise consistently.

I was feeling shame and disgust at myself for regaining weight yet again. I struggled with this back and forth for 37 years (I’m in my early 50’s) struggling with the same issue over and over again!!! Today…that struggle is gone. The old mind set is gone. I have a new mindset which really is struggle free – NO feelings of deprivation, no feelings of “I can’t” whatsoever.

I feel reborn. I feel I have been given an entire new life, it has all changed not just the weight loss and body image issues, but all of the aspects of life have changed for the better. I feel like someone turned the light on while I was searching around for the answers in a dark place. The weight is releasing off my body, I don’t need it anymore.

It is rather interesting in that weighing on the scale is not my primary focus yet I am down 8 lbs. already. I feel thinner in my midsection, more energy in my legs, and am moving my body a lot more. I feel tremendous energy overall.”

~ Nancy, Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™, Empowered on the East Coast, USA!