Weight Loss  - Apple Mango Slices with Measuring TapeAre you trying to do Weight Watchers and you want to know how to make it work for you, but without that frustrating self-sabotage?

Do you deeply desire for Weight Watchers to work for you, but still you continue to self-sabotage?

Perhaps you’ve had success with Weight Watchers in the past but you now find it difficult to get started again, on Weight Watchers or on any kind of plan!

If this is the case then you probably ask yourself often what the problem is?! Why is it that you can’t “Just Do It” and follow the program?

Especially since you’re so smart and successful in your business life! Which means that you can take action in certain areas of your life – just not when it comes to food and your weight. However that fact right there only serves to frustrate you more because you keep asking yourself, “If I’m so smart and successful then WHY can’t I just “Get it together” with food and my weight?!

If this is YOU then you’re in the right place!

First, a couple of things to understand:

  • I do not personally endorse Weight Watchers. I actually believe in getting off of the processed food ingredients, however I have had clients who love Weight Watchers and while they had to implement my step-by-step proven System in order to follow it without any struggle (no struggle = the end of self-sabotage!) they got Results they are happy with on Weight Watchers and that is what matters – that THEY enjoy Weight Watchers.
  • My clients learn from me that what matters is that they live the healthy lifestyle that feels good to them and do it specifically as a naturally slender person (with Zero Struggle – Zero Self-Sabotgae), which is exactly what they experience in transforming through The Inner Self Diet™, which releases all of their struggles so that they can do their Weight Watchers plan with ease and joy.
  • Note: Most of my clients do not follow Weight Watchers or any other structured eating plan once they learn to live and eat as a naturally slender person but that does not make it “wrong” when I have a client who does follow it. It matters what feels best to them, which is a critical key you’ll want to learn to distinguish!

Therefore, if you truly love Weight Watchers and you’d love to make Weight Watchers work for YOU, but The Problem is that you cannot “Just Do It”. You continue to self-sabotage by:

  • Being inconsistent
  • Bingeing
  • Night eating
  • Overeating
  • Avoiding exercise
  • Simply not following the plan that has given Jennifer Hudson such great success!

Then, you actually have a much bigger problem than you may have even been aware of! And please understand this: Most have the same problem!

Here’s what I mean. Have you ever wondered:

  • Why 95% of dieters fail?
  • Why is it that most who lose weight then regain it?
  • Why have past contestants on the Biggest Loser regained their fat?
  • Why do you see so many people in your Weight Watchers meetings who never quite “get there”?

Perhaps even YOU have lost 100’s of pounds throughout your lifetime, either with Weight Watchers or some other program! Meaning that you’ve lost the same 10 or 20 pounds 5, 10, 20 or more times!

One of my clients (Chris) used to do that. She said that before working with me, “I was a yo-yo dieter” (read her full testimonial on this page). If that’s what you’re doing now then you have company! But what’s exciting is that just like Chris, you don’t have to stay in that pain and struggle. Unless you choose to.

Yes, that’s right – it’s all a choice. No one and nothing “out there” can keep you in the struggle.

I invite you to recognize how exciting this is! Because If it were true that there was something outside of you that was stopping you from dropping all of your lifelong food and weight struggles, then that would mean that you’d have no control to be any different, wouldn’t it.

And then, what could you do???

You’d be stuck.

Thankfully, that’s not the case! Of course, this does not mean that you know specifically HOW to drop your struggles with self-sabotage, your struggles with food and your weight, so that YOU can finally follow through on Weight Watchers without any struggle. Without self-sabotage, without quitting and starting again. And again. And again!

No, instead what this means is that it’s your choice whether or not you will get the help and expertise of a mentor… which you sorely need in order to release those frustrating inner battles!

But why can’t you “Just Do It” alone?

Great question! Because if you could, then you already would have, wouldn’t you. Of course you would! Why not?!

Additionally, (Very Important):

The same thing that is stopping you from taking consistent, struggle-free action with Weight Watchers is the same thing that will stop you from attempting to heal the Root of your lifelong struggles with food and your weight on your own. That is, if you could Find The Root on your own. And then diagnose it. And then heal it. And then implement specific strategies and tools to take the place of that old frustrating struggle! (Yay!)

Why is it so difficult to do alone? Because you cannot see beyond your own inner blindspots. Even I could not do that for myself and I already have all of the skills and expertise to help my clients transform beyond the self-sabotage and struggle!

You see, it is extremely difficult to be objective with yourself because you are living IN Your Own Landscape. You must have the objectivity (highly imperative to have accountability as well) of an expert mentor who can be objective because she is not living in your landscape.

It’s that old saying, “You cannot see the forest for the trees”. It’s true! When it comes to the biggest issue that any human could have (their body and their weight), it makes sense that if it were that easy to get out of then why would anyone be overweight?

I myself struggled for over 20 years with food and my weight. I’ve mentored many clients who have been in the struggle for over 30 years. Since it normally starts in childhood.

I actually thought I was so smart that I could figure it out on my own. But even with my all of my training and expertise I still could not see the forest for the trees when it came to my own struggles.

This is why anyone who is a high-achiever knows that the quickest way to success is always in hiring a mentor to show you step-by-step exactly how to get what you want in the least amount of time possible. What this does is condense your timeline of success!

Of course it certainly helps to hire a mentor who already has a proven track record as well! Then all you need to do is do what they give you to do so that YOU can get all of the Benefits of those who came before you.

So, how can you make Weight Watchers work for YOU? By healing the Root of the problem. The problem being on the inside of YOU in your Inner Self.

Once that is done this is will be a snap for you to stay consistent with your chosen plan of Weight Watchers. You won’t even be able to imagine that you used to be a woman who sabotaged herself. That behavior will seem completely foreign to you once you have Become the YOU You’ve Always Known You Could Be.

How would that feel? To follow through on Weight Watchers with ease, with joy, without self-sabotage?

That’s exactly what my past clients who loved Weight Watchers learned to do and in fact, a new client of mine recently came onboard with me to gain my mentoring and coaching to transform her Inner Self through The Inner Self Diet™. To give her all of the benefits of breaking through her inner barriers and self-sabotage so that she can then follow Weight Watchers without any struggle. Just like my past clients have already done.

Exactly how liberating would that feel for YOU? To finally put an end to your self-sabotage and follow Weight Watchers without any struggle. What could possibly stand in your way then?

The Key

The Inner Self Diet™ is the key to a weight loss mindset. Your Mindset is 90% of your current challenge. You know you have a mindset issue when you a) want to do Weight Watchers, b) have all of the WW tools sitting right in front of you and, c) you don’t DO it. That is a Mindset issue. An issue with your Inner Self.

To take a first step towards a weight loss mindset go ahead and grab my FREE 5-Day E-course! It will help you discover what’s really been stopping you from losing weight for good (and what you can DO about it!).