Sidetracked Weight Loss topic at FearlessFatLoss.comHow long have you been keeping yourself sidetracked from your goal of getting fit, healthy, and sexy? 2 days, 2 weeks, 4 months, 5 years?

Or longer?

Have you ever noticed how quickly time passes in your life? One moment you’re here, and the next moment it’s 4 or 5 years later!

And what about this fact: every step you take today is either leading you closer to your outcome of a fit, healthy, sexy body, or taking you further from it.

Your Results Never Lie

If you aren’t clear on whether or not you’ve sidetracked yourself from your ultimate desire to create a fit, healthy, sexy body for yourself (without struggling to do so!), then here’s how you know: look at your results.

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What is the outcome you currently have in your life? Today. Not a year ago, and not even a month ago, but today. What is the resulting body you are living in now?

Here’s the truth: weight loss, or more specifically, fat loss (do you really want to lose weight, just any weight? Muscle weight? Water weight? Or do you want to drop the fat?) is really simple.

All it takes to drop the fat, to lose the weight, to shape up and get fit, healthy, and sexy is to keep taking daily, moment-to-moment, consistent healthy action in that direction. That’s it!

The reason this will not work for you though, is if:

  • You are buying into some silly gimmick that does absolutely nothing to heal the core of your issue – the core of your issue being why you allowed yourself to get fat, overweight, and out of shape in the first place. Until you go to the core and resolve that, no physical action you take will ever matter – it cannot last because it defies Universal Law (one Universal Law: The inner and the outer always match. ALWAYS). The root of your weight problems lie within your Inner Self.
  • You are sidetracking yourself with ruminations of deep thought without any simple, consistent, healthy actions – actions that move you closer to your goal of your fit, healthy, sexy body. You continue to “think about it” and maybe you’re even waiting for a magical weight loss cure to come along!
  • You are lying to yourself. You tell yourself that you are taking consistent, healthy action (or that you’ll “do it Monday”) but in reality, you do that “here and there”. It is not consistent action and most of the time you are acting out of congruence with the YOU you are on the inside. Which makes perfect sense, because that’s really all that you can do. You cannot fight against your inner self…

How Long Has Your Weight Loss Been Sidetracked?

If you’re not getting what you want then you are not taking healthy, consistent action to get it. You are not getting the result of being fit, healthy, and sexy. OR, you are getting some result, but it’s a big-a** pain in the be-hind (a.k.a. Struggle) to even get those few results, and that will never last – it will never last to force yourself and “use your willpower” to “be different”.

You can only stretch your inner rubberband so far and fight against the YOU you have created on the inside for so long. Eventually that rubberband will snap back into place and it’s gonna sting….

Have you ever known anyone who white-knuckled it all the way and did lose some weight, only to end up gaining it all back, plus more?! Ever seen anyone in the public eye do that, or maybe a friend, relative, neighbor? Or maybe you’ve had that experience? I experienced that in my past – not fun!

When you get congruent on the inside with the fit, healthy, sexy body you desire to live in on the outside, you no longer sidetrack yourself.

You no longer struggle.

You naturally and effortlessly keep taking actions that move you closer to your desired outcome rather than further away from it. Just like one of my awesome coaching clients Dave is doing: He’s rockin’ and rollin’ with effortless action and having fun NOW while he’s on his journey towards his own ideal body. But he took action with my step-by-step proven system and did the inner work first.

Forcing yourself to act and forcing yourself to follow some diet (even if it’s a healthy lifestyle plan that would be wonderful for you) cannot last when when what you REALLY want to do is to hit that fast food drive-through, get takeout, and raid the store shelves of every sugary, salted, processed food you’ve ever had a craving for! When you’ve got that going on on the inside, it’s no wonder you’d struggle with healthy actions steps – it’s not who you ARE!

However, you can BECOME that person on the inside – that person who naturally and effortlessly lives a healthy lifestyle. That person who doesn’t “deprive” themselves of anything at all but makes choices that feel good to them.

You CAN become that person who simply and effortlessly lives in the manner that gets you the result you want – a fit, healthy, sexy body… without struggle. A fit, healthy, sexy body created with fun action – healthy action you WANT to take and do not struggle against. No more needing to “motivate yourself” to workout or eat healthy – it just comes naturally.

What would that be like? To no longer force yourself to do a darned thing and still end up with the body you’ve always dreamed of?

The End Of Being Sidetracked

Can you imagine what it would be to be living the life you’ve always dreamed of? To live with focus, purpose, and self-respect? To be taking moment-to-moment, consistent healthy action because you want to? To be seeing the results of your consistent, fun action steps?

Can you imagine seeing your fit, healthy, sexy body emerge out of the body you have now? Without struggle?

Can you imagine actually ending the painful yo-yo diet cycle and never again being sidetracked from your goal of a fit, healthy, sexy body? This is exciting for me just writing this right now! F.U.N.!!

You can have all of that once you make the decision to. And then, of course, you need the step-by-step “how” to get there, but that “how” will only comes after you decide for yourself that you are no longer willing to feel bad and sidetrack yourself from your ultimate desire.

It’s backwards to search for a “how” before you’ve ever even decided that you are willing to allow yourself to end the pain of being eternally sidetracked from your goal of getting fit, healthy, and sexy.

Until you decide that now is the time for you to end the cycle of seeing endless Mondays (“I’ll start again on Monday…) that add up into weeks, months and years…until you decide that you’re not going to sidetrack yourself anymore, then the “how” doesn’t matter. You wouldn’t take consistent action with it anyway.

A First Step

To take your first step towards struggle-free permanent weight loss click here to apply for  a complimentary weight loss discovery session. It’s your first step towards a weight loss mindset, which is the mindset you must have if you can ever hope to achieve permanent weight loss. Without a weight loss mindset you are missing 90% of the solution. Diet and exercise is only 10% of the puzzle.

This is for YOU if you are serious about achieving lasting success with your weight so that you can finally stop asking yourself, “Why am I so smart and successful but I still can’t lose weight and keep it off?!”

Sign up here and get a move-on towards your fit, healthy, sexy body and move-away from Sidetrackville. What outcome do you get from Sidetrackville? Is it fun living there? (I never thought so when I used to live there!)

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How Long Has Your Weight Loss Been Sidetracked?