Have you ever thought that you might actually benefit from being and staying overweight? I know, at first you might think that this sounds crazy because there’s nothing you like about being overweight, but hang in here with me for a moment.

This exercise is simply about becoming more aware of how staying overweight is benefiting you, in fact you might even be sabotaging your very own weight loss and fitness goals because of unconscious thoughts you have about how your overweight benefits you.

So what kind of benefits could there possibly be to being overweight? Here are some examples that I can think of:

  • No structure: Don’t have to monitor what you eat or how much you eat.
  • An excuse for life: Can use your overweight or obesity as a reason to not get involved in life because of fears or anxieties you have about life in general, fears that your overweight keeps you from facing.
  • Staying stuck in a victim mentality: Can use your overweight as the reason that the job, relationship, home life, etc. didn’t work out, when actually it’s not.
  • Food addiction: If you are addicted to sugar, flour, fat, salt, dairy (basically processed food and fast food 😉 ), then you can continue to feed your addiction without restraint.
  • You’re not being told what to do: When you choose to change your diet, if in any way you feel like someone else is dictating how you should eat (even if this feeling is unconscious), then you might feel resentful towards that “outside force” – the one you feel is forcing you to change. So if you stay overweight and eat whatever you want whenever you want, then you are effectively rebelling against that outside authority.

Nope, These Aren’t Positive Benefits

While these are not positive benefits since they won’t help that part of you who does want to lose weight and shape up, when you look at them with full awareness you can see how your overweight can actually be construed as a benefit. Can you also see that if you do have these unconscious thoughts that it would be easy to sabotage your weight loss efforts?

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If you can see yourself in any of these examples (I sure can), then what this helps you do is shed some light on why you might be sabotaging your own weight loss and fitness goals.

You see if you have two opposing sides of yourself, one side who wants to change and live a healthy lifestyle, and the other side who feels like someone else is forcing you to lose weight (even if no one is, but someone tried to do that in your past), you can see how this would cause a problem. Just when you’re getting started in a new way of life, eating healthy and exercising daily, if the opposing thoughts are still unconscious they will rise up in the form of self-sabotage.

It’s All About Awareness

My intent today is to give you something to think about, a start in becoming more aware of the other side of yourself that is benefiting from staying overweight and out of shape. It could be that your benefit isn’t on my list, but I bet that if you meditate on it or get out a piece of paper and start writing down every way you think that you could possibly be benefiting from staying overweight, then you can come up with the reasons you’ve been sabotaging your own efforts. 

What do you think? If you have been sabotaging yourself for years, saying you want to lose weight but not really getting it done, if you’d like to share how you benefit from staying overweight I’d love to hear from you in a comment. This is an area that I am working on myself right now and I do think that we need to have our “entire self” on our side in order to fully change our lifestyle to get healthy and fit.

Self-Sabotage – Are You Benefiting from Staying Overweight?