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In any given situation I know that I have the choice between love and fear. I choose love. – Louise L. Hay

When it comes to any action you choose to take in life you always have the choice of which path you will take when acting. If you choose the path of love your resistance to taking that action will be low and you will have an easier time of things.

If you opt for buying into fear you will have great resistance to taking action and if you don’t take action, how will you get what you want?

Fear Keeping You Stuck?

When it comes to losing weight and getting fit, this requires a lifestyle change if you wish to keep the weight off for life and live with ease, effortlessness, love, and joy. If you’re living in fear you certainly cannot live in joy and love because joy is a much higher vibration than fear.

There are several ways that you can sabotage any weight loss efforts you may undertake by choosing fear over love. Here are just 5 ways that fear will sabotage your weight loss if you allow it to:

1. Fear of Failure – You’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked for you so even when you do come upon a solution that gets to the core of your issue (your inside) rather than being a band aid (the newest diet) for your symptom (overweight), you don’t take action because of fear.

2. Fear of What Others Will Think – If you still care about what others think then you are chained as far as just how far you can go in life. No one else can live your life for you and no one else has the same experience as you do. There is nothing that anyone else can give you that you don’t already have yourself and if you are living in fear of what others will think if you Go For It and become healthy, fit, fun, and fabulous, then your fear will keep you stuck.

3. Fear of Investment – It takes a commitment to truly become all that you can be and it takes a commitment to create a healthy, fit, fun lifestyle that will support your weight loss and maintain that loss for life. When you are afraid to invest your time, energy, money, focus, hope, and belief in becoming the person you wish you be then you will not become that person. Investing in yourself is the best thing you could ever do for anyone since the best thing you can do in this life is allow your light to shine. This does take an investment, a commitment however and when you live in fear of committing fully your results will show that lack of commitment.

4. Fear of Loss – When you fear losing others because of changes you wish to make how can you ever become all that you can be? If anyone leaves your life because you become more successful then clearly they do not have your best interests at heart. However the greatest travesity you could effect would be to hold yourself back from shining your light because you want to keep people in your life. This path is completely fear-based and it’s also an attempt to control others. When you allow fear of losing others to keep you stuck and living in inaction you will not achieve your dreams of success with health and fitness or anything else.

5. Fear of Success – You’ve become so used to failure and so down on yourself that when presented with the way out you don’t take action because of the fear of the unknown. It takes courage to succeed, courage to Go For It, and courage to change. You really can be, do, or have anything you want in this life once you learn how to get there with fun and ease, but if you are afraid to become all that you can be in this life then you will hold yourself back from taking action.

Fear or Love – Which Do You Choose?

Instead of choosing fear you could instead choose love. Love feels good. Love is grateful, appreciative, joyful, fun, light, and easy. Fear is controlling, heavy, and is focused on lack and limitation. Simply put – it’s not fun! 😉

When you instead opt for the path of love and joy, the lighter path, then there you will find fun along the way. How can you help but have fun when you are skipping along in ease, joy, and love?

On the other side, the pathway of fear is clouded with all of those days of telling yourself you’ll “do it tomorrow”, along with those potholes of your fears and doubts like the ones I listed above. Those fears will sabotage your progress and that’s not what you want as your end goal, is it?

Nope, I didn’t think so. So here’s to you choosing the lighter path of fun and love so that you can have an easy time of losing weight, getting fit, and creating the body that you truly wish to live in – have F.U.N. with it!

Photo by Vanessa Pike-Russell