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Are you congruent with your weight loss goal? Or maybe your first question is… what “congruent” even means, and what does it have to do with your weight loss goal?

What It Means to be Congruent

When you are congruent you are in total and complete alignment with your goal. All parts of you are onboard with where you are headed and there is no self-sabotage at all going on. Congruency starts in the mind, which is why it is vital to bring mind, body, and spirit together in order to have total success at transforming your body (which transforms your life).

The mind rules the body and if you take backwards action by continuing to force yourself to take the physical actions of dieting and exercising without getting your inner you onboard first by getting congruent with your weight loss goal, you will never have lasting success.

Even that extremely small percentage of dieters who have succeeded in maintaining their weight made a change in their thoughts. While they struggled and forced themselves to diet and exercise in order to lose weight, along the way anyone who has ever succeeded at reaching their goal weight and in maintaining their weight for life changed their thoughts.

If you do not do this there is practically no point in even attempting another diet again because you are guaranteed to end up back in the pile of the 95% group of repeat dieters who fail over and over again. It will never work to force yourself to take physical action while ignoring the root cause of your overweight and that lies in your inner self. 

When you clean that up first so that you become congruent with your weight loss goal then you are on the path to fun, effortless, weight loss success. There is nothing else to “fight”.

5 Signs You Are Congruent With Your Weight Loss Goal

Here are 5 signs that you are congruent with your weight loss goal. These signs tell you that you are on the easy, fun path to weight loss success and in fact, it goes far far beyond that – when you get congruent on the inside with the lifestyle you wish to lead on the outside (yes, it takes a lifestyle change to create that fit, healthy, sexy body you say you want to live in) then your days begin to flow. 

Your daily living experience becomes fun, joyful, and abundant with all of the good stuff that life has to offer you and you are filled with inspiration to take healthy action. You are really rockin’ and rollin’ when you are lined up on the inside with what you want on the outside.

Now onto the 5 signs you are congruent with your weight loss goal:

  1. It is easy for you to Take Action. You can own all of the countless healthy weight loss plans in the world but if you never take action on a single one of them, what results will you get? When you are congruent with your weight loss goal it is super easy for you to not only take initial, decisive action, but also it is super easy for you to continue to act. You follow through long term rather than for just one day or one morning (that behavior is a sure sign of non-congruency) and healthy action ends up becoming second nature for you. There is no more struggle.
  2. Self-Sabotage is a thing of the past. When you are congruent with your weight loss goal and have your inner you onboard with what you want to create on the outside, a fit, healthy, sexy body, then self-sabotage is a thing of the past. All parts of you are lined up and energetically onboard with the body you wish to transform into and you don’t even consider sabotaging your efforts to get there. This all begins with your inner self, getting that part of you inline and congruent with the body you wish to live in.
  3. Self-Doubts are erased. When you are congruent with your weight loss goal you feel confident and secure that you will reach it. Self doubts are gone because there is nothing to fear. Who was the one sabotaging you before? Was there someone forcing you to stay fat? Nope, that was the part of your inner self who was bringing you down. Now that you are congruent with your goal you are fully confident you will get there. You no longer doubt how you will handle visiting relatives, what will happen when you’re away from home, stressful situation that used to lead to overeating, or whether or not you will succeed. Congruency leads to solution-oriented thinking, rather than failure-focused thinking.
  4. The Inner Battle is gone – No More Forcing Yourself! When you are congruent with your weight loss goal you are no longer fighting anything at all. Where before you were constantly fighting with yourself to stick to anything that you thought would help you lose weight, now you take action so easily and effortlessly because there is nothing to fight. All parts of you are lined up with what you are going for and no one is in your inner court trying to hold you back. In fact you may suddenly become aware of the absense of your past inner battle. There is nothing else to “fight” because you are totally lined up and onboard, all parts of you!
  5. It’s FUN to lose weight. It’s actually fun for you to lose weight, to take decisive, healthy action, to eat well, exercise, go shopping for cute, new clothes, socialize with friends and family without doubting yourself, all of the things that before were so hard for you to do when you were stuck and locked in inaction. You are confident and secure in the fact that not only are you getting to your goal but that you will stay there. The “battle” is done, it’s fun for you now to finally transform your body into the fit, healthy, sexy body you’ve always dreamed of living in, and you are enjoying the whole process. All because you made the choice to get congruent on the inside with the body you wish to create on the outside. You chose to get congruent and get your inner you onboard before you took the physical actions to lose weight.

Life is great for you when you are congruent on the inside with what you wish to create on the outside. These are 5 fabulous signs for you to recognize in yourself  and they show you that you are totally and completely on board with your weight loss goal. And this is how life is supposed to be for you – fun, easy, abundant in all areas – Simple!

On the other hand if you are still struggling to lose weight, forcing yourself to “be different”, always hitting up against self-sabotage and never sticking to anything long term, then these are clear and loud warning bells that you are not congruent with the fit, healthy, sexy body you desire to live in. Those are signs that whatever you’ve been doing (or choosing not to do, such as getting congruent on the inside before taking physical action) hasn’t been working for you because if you have to struggle and battle to lose weight, hey, that’s not fun, and that’s not how life is supposed to be.

When you are lined up on the inside with what you say you want on the outside, everything flows and it’s easy for you to take action.

Where Are You At?

Where are you at right now? Is your weight loss journey fun and easy for you? Are you loving life, feeling happy, confident, and successful NOW while you are losing weight and getting fit? Or are you on the other side of the spectrum – not getting the results you want, feeling miserable about your weight and your lack of action, and still forcing yourself to be different?

Leave a comment below and share where you notice you’re at right now. And if you’re in a space where you’re not getting the results you want include where you would like to be instead. All change is preceeded by awareness so it’s a step in the right direction to become fully aware of where you are today.

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