Old Telephone | Fearless Fat LossLadies, have you ever had this happen? A guy you thought you had a great connection with told you that he was going to call you tomorrow, and what happened…he never did!

And not to leave the guys out, you’ve probably had the same thing happen at one time or another, right? A great gal gave you her word that she would call you the next day, and guess what – you never heard from her again.

Ok, now to look at this on the other side, how many of you have had the experience where someone told you they were going to call or do such and such and they did call and they did do whatever it was they told you they were going to do? Now isn’t that what you really want – a guy or a gal who not only tells you they are going to do something but then follows through with the action? This is an example of words and action being congruent with each other.

Your Most Important Relationship

So you might be thinking you’ve landed on the wrong site today because you’re a smart reader of Fearless Fat Loss and are used to reading about creating a conscious, fit, and healthy lifestyle for yourself by incorporating ALL of YOU – fitness for your body, mind, and spirit. But instead, you’re reading about some kind of relationship thing here, lol.

Well rest assured you’re in the right spot and this story is a perfect example of what you just might be doing to yourself and how you are not honoring the most important relationship in your life – your relationship with yourself.

“I’ll Start Tomorrow”

How many times have you given your word to yourself that you’ll start tomorrow? You’ve told yourself that you’ll start eating better tomorrow, you’ll start exercising tomorrow, you’ll start minding your thoughts and emotions tomorrow. You’ll really get with it tomorrow!

Well how many times does it take for you to tell yourself this and not follow through with action before you start to lose tons of respect for yourself and your own word? How many times can you continue to promise yourself that you’ll take care of you and then not take action? After awhile don’t you just get a little disgusted with you? You’re certainly not treating yourself like you would treat your own best friend, a best friend who’s friendship you want to keep, that is!

Words Aren’t Enough – ACTION Is Where It’s At

Even though I advocate getting healthy and fit from the inside out you’ve gotta understand that in the end you must take action – words and wishful thinking are not enough. We are living on this Earth plane in physical bodies and you must care for your body, which does involve action.

While this is the truth and healthy action (losing fat and gaining muscle tone) will get you the result you want (if you want a healthy, fit, lean body instead of a deflated, thinner version of your overweight self) you are destroying your self-esteem and self-respect when you continue to tell yourself that you’ll take action and you don’t.

Your word is all you’ve got and don’t even try to fool yourself that your word to yourself doesn’t mean anything – it means more than your word to others, which does means a whole heck of a lot, too. But… if you don’t keep your word to yourself you don’t have a solid foundation of self-respect to even interact with others. It all starts with you, you know. It’s in how you relate to yourself that you either consciously or unconsciously tell others how to relate to you.

Stop Talking About Tomorrow

If you just aren’t ready to go for it and get fit then the best suggestion I can give you today is to stop telling yourself you’ll “do it tomorrow”. Instead, go to work on your resistance to change because if you weren’t resistant then you’d be taking action. Get out your pen and paper and start writing out all of the reasons you think you can’t succeed and uncover your limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. Find out why you aren’t following through with action, why you think it’s so hard to take the healthy actions that will give you the result you want.

In the meantime please stop giving your word to yourself that you’ll start tomorrow or next Monday because you will continue to destroy your self-respect, and it’s just not worth it. Wait until you are fully ready to commit to you and follow through with action instead of telling yourself you’ll take action and then standing yourself up, cuz that doesn’t feel good when you do that, does it? That’s right, it doesn’t, so why even put yourself through it?!

Just work on being willing to change and when you are inspired from the inside to commit to yourself and take action then give yourself your word and follow through. You’ll feel so much better about yourself in the meantime, and life is supposed to feel good, you’re supposed to feel good.

Photo by splorp