Self WorthWhat are you worth?

What is your value?

If you look at it from purely a spiritual perspective, every human being is worthy of all of the abundance the Universe has to offer. However that is not the topic of my question today. I am asking YOU… what are YOU worth?

What ARE You Worth??

Are you worth a trip to the grocery store for some whole foods or are you worth a steady diet of fast food?

Are you worth a walk around the block or are you worth laying on the couch, overeating on chinese food and brownies, and watching T.V. all night long?

Are you worth a new, cute top, a pair of jeans that fit, and some hot shoes so that you feel awesome now while on your weight loss journey, or are you worth a ratty pair of sweatpants and an old t-shirt?

Are you worth some sexy lingerie that fits, a bottle of perfume you love, learning how to cook whole, healthy foods, and people in your life who love, support, and cherish you?

Or are you worth waiting until tomorrow to feel good, waiting until you have the money, waiting until you are ready to live your life finally….tomorrow?

YOU Determine Your Worth

While it is definitely true that every human being has intrinsic worth just for the fact that “they are”, you are the one who determines what you are worth. You determine whether or not you’re worth investing in professional coaching to help you, once and for all, solve your issues with food and your weight.

You are the one who determines whether or not you are worth investing the time in learning a new way of living so that you not only can lose the weight without struggle, but that you can also keep it off for life.

You are the only one who determines whether or not your value is high enough that you deserve to have what you want – a fit, healthy, sexy, rockin’ body. A body you LOVE living in. A body you praise rather than criticize. A body you appreciate and adore.

You are also the only one who determines whether or not you deserve to live a life that includes a healthy relationship with food. A life filled with an appreciation for food rather than a fear of it.

Stay Tuned For More…

Stay tuned to Fearless Fat Loss this week for more on this topic of self-worth, self-value, which at it’s core comes down to self-love and your self-esteem.

You will never have peace with your body and food until you determine you are worthy of that life. It will always be a struggle for you to live with your body, your weight, and with food until you clean up the real issues (and food sure ain’t it!).

Share Your Comments

Leave a comment below to share how your current actions demonstrate how much you value yourself and your desire to live in a fit, healthy, sexy body.

Share whether or not your actions are easy and effortless for you, or share your thoughts on how you’d like to be living right now – whether you’d like to be living with actions that match how highly worthy you feel on the inside… because when you get there, the healthy weight loss actions come together for you with effortlessness and ease. F.U.N.!!

Photo by erin MC hammer