Pink BikiniI’ve recently revised, rewritten, totally revamped and updated my About Page here at Fearless Fat Loss. Check it out!

I realized it was about time to rewrite it since I began Fearless Fat Loss back in March, 2007, and while I’ve written over 620 articles here at Fearless Fat Loss, I am not the same person I was when I started this blog site.

I’ve gone through massive personal transformation because of the choices I’ve made to work with my own coaches, guides, and mentors, not only in areas of personal growth but also in the area of business growth. In actuality though, business growth effects personal growth also, so it all interwines and interweaves to help one grow and evolve in every area of life.

As a matter of fact, you can see this so clearly when it comes to any work you may choose to do in the area of your relationship with food and your body. Here are some excellent examples:

When you go to work each day or when you sit down to run your own business, what is always there with you?

When you go out on a date or spend time with your significant other, what is always with you?

When you pray, go to church, walk outside in nature, write a letter to your higher power/Source Energy, God, whatever you name it, what is always with you?

When you get on a plane, go on vacation, lay on the beach, drive your car to the store, go to the mall, try on clothes….what is always there with you, never ever leaving your side?

Ok, you need a hint? It’s Your Body, lol! You are continually dragging your body with you every single place you go whether it’s to your home office, your CEO corporate office headquarters, your cubicle, your family’s house for holidays, on vacation or to the grocery store, Your Body Goes Everywhere With You.

When you feel miserable about your body because you don’t live in the fit, healthy, sexy body you’d like to live in, how does that affect every other area of your life?? If you feel bad about being overweight, about how you look in your clothes, about how you look naked with your significant other, how does that bad feeling affect your work, your relationships, your outlook on life? How does this affect your level of confidence, your decisions to go for it at work, in dating, in following your life’s passion?

When you decide to commit to yourself and do something different to once and for all clean up this area of your life around how you deal with food and your body, you cannot help but affect every other single area of your life. How could you avoid that when your body goes everywhere with you?

What would your life be like if you had a fabulous relationship with your body today? What if you were walking around in a fit, healthy, sexy body everywhere you went? Would you feel more confident? More alive? More attractive? Stronger, healthier, fitter, maybe even sexier?

How would every area of your life be affected if you loved the body you are living in? What would be different for you today?

Share in a comment below which specific areas of your life would be different today if you were right now living in a fit, healthy, sexy body. A body you loved and adored. What would you be doing differently today? What would that be worth to you, to be in the body of your dreams, right now?

Photo by Mario Pleitez