ValentineHappy Valentine’s Day you smart reader of Fearless Fat Loss YOU!

Here’s to YOU enjoying your day and your Valentine’s Weekend by doing something fun and loving either for yourself or with your sweetie.

Valentine’s Day Challenged?

And while the posts I’ve written this week have been directed more so towards those of you who find Valentine’s Day a challenge this year because you would prefer to be part of a couple rather than single, some of those who are partnered up today can find the big V-Day to be a little stressful, just because some folks give it more meaning or perhaps a different meaning than others.

So for those of you who have been holding any negative thoughts whatsoever about Valentine’s Day because it brings up the reminder that the vision you have for your life with a sweetie just hasn’t manifested yet, the most important thing I want to impress upon you is that you remain conscious of how you’re treating yourself today and do not punish yourself with food.

You know what I mean – you feel bad because you’re alone on Valentine’s Day so you go out and buy a bunch of unhealthy fare that you normally wouldn’t eat and you stuff your face with it. Hey, I’m not joking here, you know what I mean!!

Shakespeare To The Rescue – It’s Only What You Think

Well how will you feel after you do this? And anyway, so what if you’re single on Valentine’s Day? What does that mean? It only means what you want it to mean, or as my Facebook status currently reads:

“There’s nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so” – You can apply this to weight loss, Valentine’s Day, your business, *anything*

Yes, the wise Shakespeare said that, and it’s true – Valentine’s Day or anything else for that matter either is good or bad depending only on whatever thoughts and value you assign to it.

Choose Self-Love

So you can choose to indulge in self-love today (you could even start Loving Yourself Thin!) if you happen to be single and if you are celebrating the day with your sweetie you can still indulge in loving YOU – after all, you can only give away as much love to another as you currently hold for yourself, you know. 

If you’re single today on Valentine’s Day make a pact with yourself to take care of YOU and go back and read my posts from earlier this week if you haven’t done so yet – I gave you 3 non-chocolate ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and also 5 ways to love YOU on Valentine’s Day without food. The second post contains a very important exercise you can do to increase your love and appreciation for YOU today, which is always a good thing.

Make Today YOUR Day to Love YOU

And in case you haven’t checked this out yet, you could choose to make today the day that you start Loving Yourself Thin. I wrote a 31-day series that you can put yourself through to love YOU just a little bit more each day – when you truly love and accept yourself exactly as you are right now you will then be able to move on and take healthy action, action to get fit in body, mind and spirit.

It’s when you don’t love yourself that you berate yourself for overeating, for being overweight, for being single on Valentine’s Day, etc. etc., and then you end up feeling pretty bad, don’t cha?! And what do you do then if you’re an emotional eater? You turn to food to try to make yourself feel better and then you end up feeling even worse, and that course of action sure isn’t going to get you what you want…if you want a fit, healthy, strong, sexy body!

So Shine ON and love yourself just a little bit more today on Valentine’s Day, and give yourself a break – do something fun, love YOU, and enjoy.