Vulture - Beautiful BirdDo you tend to apologize to others for being overweight? Do you make excuses for yourself because of your weight?

This apologizing can be in the form of joking about your weight, about yourself, and giving yourself put downs while laughing. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are using the words “I’m sorry” but you are saying it without saying it. 

Well if you’re doing this, stop it – that’s right, just stop that now!

Seriously, I mean it. You are where you are – you are where you are right now in your life and that’s ok, and it’s not funny to put yourself down or make excuses for yourself to others.

It’s not funny to apologize for where you are right now with your food and/or weight issues because every time you do that you’re giving yourself the message that you’re “not enough” as you are today. The more you continue to give yourself the message that lower your self-esteem sinks and the worse you feel about yourself, and if you’re an emotional eater, guess what you’re going to do when you’re feeling bad?

Now if you’re a regular, smart reader of these topics of fitness for your body, mind, and spirit at Fearless Fat Loss, then you know that I’m not encouraging you to live in an overweight, unhealthy body and that I do support you in making healthy lifestyle changes – to give your body a break as well as to have more zest and enthusiasm for life. I fully support you “getting off it” and taking action when you are ready to do so and I will not enable you to stay stuck in treating yourself poorly.

What I am saying by suggesting that you stop apologizing for where you are at today is that you are who you are and that doesn’t require an apology – get it? And did you wonder what the image of this vulture has to do with my message today? Well do you think this guy apologizes for how he looks? No way, he’s living his life without any apology.

So go ahead and love yourself today just as you and you’ll be on your way to quicker and easier weight loss than you can imagine. The other path of forcing yourself to lose weight involves big time struggle – I know because I’ve been there… and that’s not fun, so why do it?

Shine On and enjoy the journey!

Photo by patries71