Fit Girl black & white image | Fearless Fat LossDo you deserve to succeed at weight loss? Or more specifically, do you deserve to live in a fit, healthy, sexy body?

If You Do Not Believe You Deserve it, You Will NOT Achieve It

Almost 2 1/2 years ago I wrote one of my most popular posts here at Fearless Fat Loss, Do You Deserve To Be Thin. There is a theme here, a basic law of the Universe that has not changed before, after, or since I wrote that post, nor will it ever – if you do not believe that you deserve to succeed, you’re right, you won’t!

You will always and forever sabotage yourself, run all sorts of interference, and keep yourself living in Stuckville – Stuckville, that place where you tell yourself you want to lose weight but you don’t take action because it’s too difficult. And it makes perfect sense that it’s difficult for you because you don’t believe you can have the outcome anyway, so why take healthy action?

In fact, it’s even simpler than whether or not you believe you deserve to succeed. If you believe you deserve what you already have, an overweight, unhealthy, out-of-shape, feel-bad body, then that’s what you will keep. You can’t imagine living in a healthy, fit, sexy body so if you do attempt to get the weight off it’s a heavy, weighty struggle for you – a “battle of the bulge”. It’s difficult for you to take action, almost like stepping through molasses. You’d rather lay on the couch and watch T.V.

Do You Deserve All Good?

On the other hand if you truly feel that you deserve All Good, that you deserve to live in a fit, healthy, sexy body, then the actions you take to achieve your dream will be easy and effortless. The trick is getting to where you actually believe you deserve it. And if you’ve been a reader of Fearless Fat Loss for any length of time, you know that diets only serve as a bandaid on the symptom of your problem. Your problem is much deeper than your overweight. Your overweight is the symptom of your inner problem that has led to the body you live in today – your overweight, heavy self.

When it comes to believing whether or not you can achieve your weight loss goal, you won’t believe it if you don’t feel you deserve it. You will struggle to take the simple and healthy actions that are necessary to release the fat from your body if you do not believe you deserve the outcome…a fit, healthy, sexy, strong, lean, feel-good body. If you do not deserve that body then how can you ever take action to get it?

Not Deserving = False Starts and Bursts of Inaction

When you don’t believe you deserve to succeed at weight loss you will make many false starts and attempts to lose weight (how many times have you started a new diet?). You will not complete the process if you do not deserve to succeed at weight loss. Your beliefs are so incongruent with what you say you want as an outcome that you cannot achieve what you keep saying you want.

Any action you take will be a struggle. You will use “motivation” (an outside force) as a way to force yourself to act. You will stick with it for a couple of days or weeks, but eventually you will fail as your “motivation” wanes and you fall back into your old ways. You aren’t in alignment with your outcome so how can you achieve it?

This leads to a cycle of living in Tomorrowland and Stuckville, the land where you are always telling yourself you’ll change Tomorrow. But, today IS tomorrow – All you have is NOW.

The Way Out Is Through

Until you heal your undeservedness and believe in your core being that you deserve to succeed at weight loss and achieve your goals, and believe that you deserve to live in a fit, healthy, sexy body (or however you define your ideal body), then any weight loss action step you take will fail. It will be a struggle and just plain and simple… Not Fun! And unless you enjoy misery and not having fun, then you will give up once again.

The way out is through and it begins with working on your inner you. It’s helpful to have a game plan for this that includes a step-by-step strategy for stoking your inner deservedness and your belief that you truly do deserve to succeed at weight loss. However the catch-22 here is that if you have the core belief that you don’t deserve to succeed in general, then even if you attempt the steps in my past post about deserving you won’t believe you deserve to succeed at changing your beliefs! Therefore you won’t follow through.

If you are ready to Get Off It and learn how to believe in YOU and actually create a fit, healthy, sexy body for yourself then you can apply for a free weight loss breakthrough session with me. This is only for those who are serious about getting what they want – if you’re more comfortable staying where you are then this isn’t for you. However if you want to get on the deserving bandwagon and get out of your own way then come on along and apply for your session now.

Here’s to you allowing yourself to deserve All Good Now, including a fit, healthy, sexy body!

Photo by mark sebastian