Have you ever said to another person that, “actions speak louder than words”? If you have then you’ve had the experience of someone telling you that they love you but their actions showed you something completely different. They may have said, “I love you” but you hardly ever saw them; there was always something else that was their priority and their priority was not you.

Well what are you telling yourself when you feed your body low-quality fuel and don’t give it regular exercise? What are your actions showing your body when you don’t take the time to relax and rest? Are your actions showing you that you love you?

Show YOU How Much You Care

When you choose health and wellness over stress, anxiety, junk food, and inactivity, you are showing you how much you care for you through your actions. You can say all you want that you love and care for yourself, that you love how you look no matter how much you weigh and that you love how you feel but the truth is that your body won’t hide how you really feel. Your body listens and responds to your actions and if your actions are not congruent with your proclamation of self-love your body has no qualms about showing the world how you really feel.

On the other hand when you step it up and take those healthy actions to feed your body healthy, whole foods and get moving to give it regular exercise, your body will respond with health and vitality. The world will then see that you do mean what you say when you tell yourself, “I love you” because your body will reflect this.

Love Yourself Now to Motivate Healthy Action

If you aren’t already taking healthy action to lose weight and get fit the best thing you can do for yourself to help you get motivated to change your lifestyle is to love yourself as you are right now. Accept exactly where you are at, love the body that you’re living in, and revel in where you are today. This might sound contrary to what you think you should be doing (trying to be different) but the more you can just love you where you are now, the easier it will be to change your actions and move towards health.

When you truly love yourself you will want to take care of you – you will want to feed your body healthy, nutritious food and give it regular exercise. Your level of self-respect will increase along with your level of self-love and your actions will reflect this.

Take Action Now

This is something that you can start doing today, nothing is stopping you. You can decide to take healthier actions today and show yourself just how much you truly care about you. The fact is that actions do speak louder than words and this is true not only for the others in your life but also for you. Show you how much you love you with your actions – you can do it.