When you hear the word “boundaries” you might not immediately think of “weight loss” – I know that I usually don’t.

However if you want to be successful at creating a healthy lifestyle to get fit in body, mind, and spirit so that you lose the weight and keep it off, you’re going to want to establish some healthy boundaries – boundaries that will serve you in following through with your healthy weight loss goals.

Boundaries = Healthy Success

If you choose not to set proper boundaries for yourself when you set out to create a healthy lifestyle you will be very susceptible to temptations and sliding back into your old ways. This is especially true if you are in a committed relationship, married or otherwise. If you’re single you’ll still need to set your personal boundaries and stay in integrity with yourself by staying within them, however you will have more of a challenge when there are others involved – that’s just how it is.

For example, if your current lifestyle consists of drive-throughs and frozen “diet” dinners and you don’t set some boundaries in these areas then how will you change your habits? And going even further if you are engaging in those activities with others and that is your normal routine you will now be causing a shift if you choose to set healthy boundaries for yourself (e.g. no more fast food).

3 Examples of Boundaries in Weight Loss

Whether you’re single, married, or married with children your personal boundaries will need to be communicated to others (if you’re single I imagine you’ve got friends 😉 ) unless you’re going to lead by example. Your main challenge may occur though, if you have others in the household and you don’t express your healthy lifestyle boundaries to them. They need to know what your ground rules are for yourself, the boundaries that you’ve set that are helping you to get healthy and fit.

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Here are 3 common boundaries that you might choose to set for yourself, not only to aid you in your weight loss journey but also in your weight loss maintenance:

1. Junk Food in the House – How much is too much? Are you able to have junk food in the house and not eat it or if you do eat it are you able to stop with just one and have that “just one” only once in awhile (e.g. once a week)? If you are a compulsive overeater and find that what works best for you is to keep all junk food out of the house this will require the cooperation of the rest of your household and is a conversation you will need to have to ask for their help in.

2. Exercise Scheduling – Will you be working out at home or at the gym? If you have small children do you need help so that you can accomplish your daily workouts? If you’re going to put your health first (which you must since no one else can do it for you) this is an important boundary that you will need to address. It’s not that you must shirk any of your responsibilities; it just means that you will need to ask for help so that you can schedule your workouts, and then it’s just up to you to honor the schedule that you set for yourself.

3. Eating Out – Are you in a relationship that revolves around eating out often? If so and you continue that lifestyle you will have a more difficult time seeing results in your weight loss regime because of the added salt, sugar, and other ingredients present in restaurant food.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot change learn how to change your portion sizes but in general you aren’t going to find food in restaurants that is going to ramp up your metabolism and help you lose weight and feel great. In general if your lifestyle is currently all about food and eating out then you’ll need to evaluate your priorities and establish your boundaries in this area.

These are just a few areas that you will want to examine and set some boundaries for yourself, healthy boundaries that will assist you in getting healthy and fit. Again if you are single you will have an easier time of it making your lifestyle changes but if you’re not you can certainly set some healthy boundaries and communicate those to the others in yourself life, asking for their help.

You may even find that your loved ones want to get on the healthy path with you (if they aren’t already there) and then you’ll have a built-in support network, the best outcome of all.

A Secret to Weight Loss – Setting Healthy Boundaries