Heart In SandLove is the greatest healing force on the planet. It is the most powerful emotion you can feel, pure love and joy being the highest you can go on the emotional/vibrational scale.

Be clear however, that there is a difference between pure love, the love that comes from Source Energy, the Universe, God, whatever you choose to call it, and the “love” of fairy tales. You do not need anyone outside of yourself to experience the feeling of pure love and joy.

In fact, to truly have a healthy, loving relationship with another human being, you need to be “in love” with yourself first! When two whole, loving people come together no one is seeking a “better half”.

Love begins with you, just like everything begins with you, and when you choose to love yourself today exactly as you are, the love and the joy you feel for yourself and for your life can actually help you lose weight.

5 Ways Love Can Help You Lose Weight

This may have been better titled as 5 ways self-love can help you lose weight but you already understand this from reading my intro.  😉

There are many more ways than 5 that love can help you lose weight however we’ll look at the top 5 today:

  1. Love = Forgiveness: When you truly love yourself you forgive yourself for any missteps you may take in your journey of losing weight and getting fit. You forgive yourself for skipping that work out and then you do it now. You forgive yourself for not making the best choices for you and then you make the best choice now. You choose to let go of the past and forgive yourself for any imagined “wrong doings” and realize that now is your present moment. You love yourself enough to forgive yourself and move on instead of beating yourself up and punishing yourself with food!
  2. Love = Self-Worth: When you love yourself you have the self-worth that allows you to put yourself first and take care of you. If you do not put yourself first and take care of you, who will? If you don’t put yourself first and make the time to prepare your healthy meals and make the time to go for your daily walk, who will do it for you? When you love yourself you have the self-worth to treat yourself with dignity and respect to take action to get what you want.
  3. Love = Value: When you love yourself you value yourself. You place a high value on your health and fitness, on how you feel, on what you expect from yourself and your life. You value your life experience and you value the foods that give you most energy and enthusiasm for life. When you love yourself you place such a high value on yourself that you don’t feel “guilty” about taking time to care for yourself. You are aware that when you value yourself that others will too, and conversely you can see that when you did not value yourself, no one else did!
  4. Love = Praise: When you love you today, you no longer indulge in self-criticism. Instead of criticizing yourself and beating yourself up for not being perfect, you praise yourself for everything you’ve done right! When you love yourself and praise what you are doing to help yourself lose weight, you lose more weight because you aren’t overeating out of a need to feel better because you felt so bad after beating yourself up! Praising yourself for what you did right comes easily when you love yourself today and in that state of being it’s much easier to allow yourself to lose weight.
  5. Love = Connection to Source: When you live in Love with yourself you feel Joy and when you feel Joy you are living at the highest level of vibration, which is what it feels like to be consciously connected to Source – feels great!! In actuality, you are never disconnected from Source, however when you love yourself and live in joy now, you then allow all of the good stuff to flow into your life. When you consciously allow yourself to live in Joy by expressing love for yourself, love will help you lose weight. And really, why wouldn’t you want to love yourself so that your love for YOU will help you lose weight?

There are many more ways that love can help you lose weight. Check out my 31 Days of Loving Yourself Thin online course for more on this topic.

Love can help you lose weight if you allow yourself to love YOU and then take physical action to lose weight and get fit. It’s all quite fun and it’s a wonderful way to lose weight and get fit. And why wouldn’t you want to have fun and love yourself now so that  you allow your love to help you lose weight?


Photo by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³