HighSelfEsteemFrog at FearlessFatLoss.comHigh self-esteem is the cornerstone of every single area of your life and if you had it you likely would not have much interest in Fearless Fat Loss.

Why? Because if you were rockin’ a life in high self-esteem you’d have the accompanying self-worth, inner integrity, and bottom-line respect for YOU to live in a body that you completely love and adore. A fit, healthy, sexy body.

However it is possible that you do have high self-esteem and are overweight and therefore the reason you are here is because you are seeking a step-by-step action plan that will get you the results you believe you deserve to have: a fit, healthy, sexy body (more on that later in this article…).

Or you could have high self-esteem if you totally and completely love your body without reservation are 100% happy with your weight whether you are overweight or at your ideal weight, have a rockin’, healthy, loving relationship with food, and you have no negative thoughts or negative beliefs about your body, your weight, food, drink, or the like. And in addition, if you remain in 100% integrity and respect with yourself at all times, then you are already living with high self-esteem.

You are going for it in your life.

You are living your dream.

Living with high self-esteem you are passionate about getting out of bed each day, excited about what the day will bring, and you are in love with you. You are in love with life. You are in love, love, love and your work, your relationships, your environments, your thoughts, your creativity, and most especially your body reflects the love you live in.

This doesn’t mean that you never have any challenges, however high self-esteem gives you the core confidence that no matter what comes your way, you can handle it.

You can handle the challenges and set-backs and when you feel down you have confidence that it’s only temporary – it’s only a feeling after all. You certainly don’t abuse your body or abuse food even when you hit a roadblock in life or experience a down moment. Living with high self-esteem you wouldn’t even think of doing such a thing – would you ever abuse your very best friend?? Of course not!

5 Ways High Self-Esteem Makes Weight Loss Easy

“Men and women who enjoy high self-esteem have an active orientation to life rather than a passive one. They take full responsibility for the attainment of their desires. They do not wait for others to fulfill their dreams.” – Nathaniel Branden How To Raise Your Self-Esteem

High self-esteem makes weight loss easy. It’s not a struggle because a person with high self-esteem does not blame others for their issues. Instead they are solution oriented and seek out

  1. You look at your weight gain for what it is. When you have high self-esteem you do not identify your overweight as YOU. You don’t internalize the fact that you gained weight and draw the faulty conclusion that you are defective and wrong because you gained weight. Here’s a great example: one of my friends has had 3 children and with each one she gained 15-20 pounds. Her self-esteem was not at all affected by the weight gain and she easily shed the weight within a few months after giving birth. She never internalized the weight gain as being “about her” and she also didn’t use having children as an excuse for being overweight. The weight gain was what it was (because she was pregnant, makes sense!) and she had full confidence that she could handle it appropriately. Which she did.
  2. Your believe you deserve to live in a fit, healthy, sexy body. Unless you believe you deserve to live in your ideal body you will not attain it or if you ever do, it will not last. When you have high self-esteem, at your core you have the unshakable belief that you deserve to live in the body of your dreams. Since you are rooted in your belief, you will not sabotage yourself. You will not sabotage yourself during the holiday season, on vacation, when “the outer world” doesn’t react the way you want it to, or at any other time. You wouldn’t sabotage your very best friend from attaining their dream and since you have high self-esteem you treat YOU like you treat your very best friend.
  3. You don’t set yourself up to fail with unrealistic goals. It’s a very realistic goal to drop 2 pounds of fat per week – some weeks it will be more and some weeks it will be less but on average that’s a realistic goal. When you have high self-esteem you are nice to yourself, so while you take inspired, healthy action to get the weight off you keep your goals realistic because you expect to meet them. You love to feel good and it feels good to you to see your fit, healthy, sexy body coming into view in front of your eyes when you look in the mirror. If you were to set yourself up with unrealistic weight loss goals you wouldn’t feel good and you would have a struggle continuing with your process and you don’t put yourself in struggle when you have high self-esteem.
  4. If what you’re doing isn’t working, you doing something else! If the action steps you are taking to get the weight off aren’t giving you the results you want you simply seek out a better action plan, an action plan that has proven results. If you had low self-esteem you would make yourself wrong for not getting the weight loss results you want and you would keep doing the same things over and over again, even though it wasn’t working for you. You would make YOU the problem, you’d ask, “what’s wrong with ME?” if you had low self-esteem. Instead, when you have high self-esteem you look at the issue objectively and tell yourself, “I’m doing the best I can and it’s not working. I’ve got the ability to seek out the people and the processes that will get me the results I want because I deserve to reach my goals!” And then you follow through with decisive action and get a new action plan that has been proven to get others the results you seek.
  5. You are open-minded and realize that you do not know it all. Because your self-esteem is so high you are not intimidated by the fact that you do not know it all. Therefore when you realize that what you’ve been doing to lose weight hasn’t been working you seek out those who specialize in getting the results you deserve to have for yourself. A person with low self-esteem is intimidated easily and feels they should know it all and should be able to do it all on their own. One with high self-esteem does not allow their ego to take over and they instead focus on the outcome they desire: a fit, healthy, sexy body, and they are willing to get help because they do believe, at the core of their being, that they deserve to have what they want. They will not settle for less than that.

High self-esteem makes weight loss easy.

High self-esteem creates ease and flow rather than struggle and “battle”.

High self-esteem takes action rather than using excuses of time, money, people, or any other outer circumstance.

A person with high self-esteem will go for it in their life and they will get what they want in a manner that is for their highest good and the highest good of all. Meaning that high self-esteem does not drive one to get what they want at all costs while causing harm to others – not at all. That would be an act of desperation and only a person of low self-esteem would consider mowing down all others in order to get what they want.

No, high self-esteem creates more love, peace, and joy in one’s life. It allows you to get out of your own way, stop beating yourself up, and treat yourself like you would treat your own best friend. High self-esteem makes weight loss easy because high self-esteem people seek out the best to help them get what they want.

Why? Because they love themselves enough to know without doubt that they deserve to have exactly what they want: a fit, healthy, sexy body.

What About You?

Leave your comments below and share exactly how your high self-esteem makes weight loss easy for you. Or if you recognize that you have low self-esteem share how that gets in your way of your success.

Shine ON!
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…Oh, you want to know what the frog has to do with a post about high self-esteem? He’s just hangin’ out and feelin’ fine – no worries. When you have high self-esteem you’re happy with yourself just like he’s perfectly happy with himself. Confident, happy, and free.