Why You Can't Lose Weight If You Suck At Sales - FearlessFatLoss.comHot Weight Loss Topic Alert: Have you ever considered that a major reason you can’t lose weight is because you suck at sales?

This will make total sense to you if you understand that everyone is in sales. Yes! That’s right. Whether you’re at home raising 3 kids, or you’re an artist, or an accountant, you are in sales.

Your kids are in sales! Your mom is in sales. And then of course there are the obvious companies who utilize sales but you’re on the wrong track if you believe that you must own your own business to be in sales.

Why You Can’t Lose Weight If You Suck at Sales [Podcast #139]

If you suck at sales then you’re not doing a fantastic sales job on yourself, and this is The Most Important Sales Job of your Life.

If you don’t understand the fact that every person on the planet is in sales then read Grant Cardone’s book Sell or Be Sold now.

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FACT: If You aren’t sold on YOU then you’re going to have a very tough time losing weight. Not only will you struggle to achieve permanent weight loss but also you’ll struggle in other areas of your life.

If you aren’t sold on having a high level of self-worth then you won’t have high self-esteem and high self-confidence… and then your insecurities and fears will continue to fuel the fire of your emotional eating and binge eating.

If you aren’t sold on YOU then it’s very easy to give up on your dream of losing weight and keeping it off.

The thing is that if you’re like most of my permanent weight loss coaching clients who tried everything to lose weight and keep it off prior to me coaching them in The Inner Self Diet….if you’re like my permanent weight loss coaching clients before I coached them then you’re not sold on YOU. If you’re not sold on YOU then you’re feeling depressed and hopeless about your weight. It feels too hard, it feels overwhelming, and if you don’t see immediate results after 3 Days then you give up on the whole thing.

I know what it’s like because I’ve been there before myself AND the super good news is that once you get a weight loss mindset and become sold on YOU then it will be really easy to lose weight and keep it off! This would mean the end of yo-yo dieting the end of emotional eating and the end of the struggle. (Yay!! Just how EASY would it be to lose weight if you were already living a healthy lifestyle without struggle?!)

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In this episode of  The JoLynn Braley Show  I’ll share with you why weight loss feels so impossible for you to accomplish. But please know right now that you’re certainly not alone! In fact, I’ve been saying that the stats show that over 60 million adults in the USA are overweight or obese, and today I learned that I’ve been stating the wrong facts! The correct stats are OVER 78.6 Million Adults in the USA are now Overweight or Obese.

So… you’re definitely not alone in your struggles. But wouldn’t it be so much more fun to be in the permanent weight loss group? You know, to become one of Those People – those people who can eat just one (instead of the whole box!). But first, you’d need to feel that this is even possible. So go ahead and listen to today’s episode of The JoLynn Braley Show to learn more about why it feels so impossible to you today. It will open your mind to what’s really going on!

Also get out your pen and paper for this Free Weight Loss Podcast episode of The JoLynn Braley Show as I’ll give questions to write down and then write down your answers to. You’ll get so much out of this Free iTunes Podcast when you write each question down on paper with pen and then write down your answer.

In this week’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Why you must get sold 100% on YOU
  • Why weight loss is so difficult if you aren’t sold on yourself
  • What it means that EVERYONE is in sales

Simply click the play button on the player on this page and you can listen immediately and learn more about why weight loss feels impossible for you today. Remember: All change begins with awareness.

Note: When you take action with the proven system to permanent weight loss so that you can actually have permanent weight loss, then you’ll be experiencing the results instead of just listening to information about it. A good place to start is by raising your level of hope that You Too can have permanent success with your weight. Raise your hope by clicking here to read what the Graduates of The Inner Self Diet have to say about releasing all of their struggles with food and their weight.

Just imagine if you too, could stop binge eating, stop emotional eating, and stop sabotaging your weight loss! When weight loss becomes easy and fun, then you can make it last.

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Tune in for next week’s episode: If You Believe You Can’t Lose Weight, You’re Right!

Tune into next week’s episode of The JoLynn Braley Show for another Weight Loss Hot Topic that gets overlooked by the millions who are stuck in mainstream diet mentality. Bottom line: if you believe you can’t lose weight, you WILL prove yourself right! Limiting beliefs are another sign of a Fat Mindset (F.A.T. = Fear Attracting Thoughts).

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Why You Can’t Lose Weight If You Suck at Sales [Podcast #139]