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A Weight Loss Mindset makes weight loss super easy for you. It’s the only solution to make your weight loss last (drop the fat and keep it off!).

Are you stuck in your comfort zone with your overweight and overeating?

Sure, you don’t like being overweight, and you don’t like stuffing yourself. But the truth is that it’s easier for you to just keep doing this to yourself, especially when you have no idea HOW to get the heck out of that struggle you’re stuck in.

And do note this! The fact that you cannot break free of your struggles on your own has nothing to do with how smart you are.

Clearly, you ARE smart – you are already successful in your work and business life. However because you are so smart and successful, this clearly shows you that your intelligence is not the key to solving your ongoing struggles with food and your weight.

How do you know for certain? Because IF your intelligence and analytical skills could have figured out how to break free of the struggle, then you would have already done that years and years ago, wouldn’t you.

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Of course you would have. Furthermore, what adds to your struggle is your continuous run on the hamster-wheel-o-diets, which is what most people do (you’re not alone!). That is your constant search for the next new How To Eat diet (and/or exercise program).

Question: What good does all of that healthy eating and exercise information do you when you aren’t DOING it?

The fact that you aren’t DOING what you already know how to do to live healthy and fit is the sign that you have a Mindset Issue.

Get A Weight Loss Mindset And Your Weight Struggles Will Be Released

Mindset is 90% of your problem. Diet and exercise is only 10% of the solution. Once you get a weight loss mindset then DOING the healthy eating and exercise (10%) will become easy. This is exactly why 95% of dieters fail: They (and you!) have never gotten a solid and true weight loss mindset. You’ve also never healed the Root of your lifelong struggles with food and your weight.

If you had, you’d have no struggle living healthy today!

Why a Weight Loss Mindset is Essential for Weight Loss that Lasts

Listen to the show below to get the full details!

This is a really good show – I tell it to you straight, which is how it needs to be when you make the decision to Get Real with YOU.

WARNING: This IS a Get Real Episode. Get REAL Episode #05 of The JoLynn Braley Show! Therefore it contains some tough questions to ask yourself (you need pen and paper). Why? The purpose is to help yourself break out of your comfort zone and Get Real with YOU.

Why would you want to Get REAL With YOU? Because Tomorrowland is the vortex of your comfort zone as the days, weeks, and years roll by and you continue to tell yourself that “Someday” you’ll lose weight and keep it off. If you want to finally have the life and the body of your dreams, it will never happen Tomorrow. You only have today. Specifically, you only have NOW.

You won’t like this episode if you are blaming anyone else for your ongoing food and weight struggles; the first step out of them is to take full responsibility for your choices. Taking that step of accepting 100% full responsibility for your overeating and overweight will give you the power to allow yourself to get the help of a pro that you desperately need.

How do you know you need help? If you could have solved this conundrum on your own, then you’d have already done it ten, twenty, thirty years ago.

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Ready To Stop Struggling?

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This is for YOU if you’d love to stop asking yourself, “Why am I so smart and successful in my business life yet I’m still struggling with my weight? Why can’t I just DO it?!”

Why a Weight Loss Mindset is Essential for Weight Loss that Lasts [Podcast #022]