The Inner Self Diet™ Proprietary Proven System to Permanent Weight Loss

Would you love to get your hands on the best diet ever?

Be warned though! The best diet ever is NOT another “how to eat and exercise” diet. No! It’s not.

If those diets worked then you wouldn’t have a weight problem would you!

Instead, the best diet ever is about achieving full freedom from your ongoing food and weight struggles. It’s the way to release your icky self-sabotage, emotional eating, binge eating, “Tomorrowland” thinking (always saying you’ll “do it Monday” but you never do…), as well as any fears, doubts, and worries that drive you to eat instead of take action to live healthy and fit.

Just imagine, what would that feel like? To finally be free of that ongoing struggle with food and your weight? To end your food obsessions?

What if you could actually Feel Good about YOU? AND lose weight without struggle, without feeling deprived, and without forcing yourself.

Even better, what if you could feel good while losing weight without struggle? Meaning that you would actually be feeling good BEFORE you see that magical number on the scale.

Wow! What would that be like for you?

The Best Diet Ever – The Inner Self Diet™

What is the best diet ever? The best diet ever is The FULL solution to your ongoing food and weight struggles. Therefore it’s unlike any of the mainstream food diets you’ve been programmed to believe are the solution to your overweight.

The truth is that all of those mainstream diets are only ten percent of the solution. Sure, how you eat and exercise is important. However that is only 10% of getting your ideal body. Why is that? Because your Mindset is 90% of your problem.

It’s your Mindset that stops you from taking action with the healthy eating and exercise.

Break Down The Diet

On the show you’ll hear me break down the Diet to specify exactly what DIET means in The Inner Self Diet™, which is all about the core solution to your ongoing food and weight struggles.

A quick synopsis:

D = Decide.

You must decide that you shall have permanent weight loss. This does not mean that you know HOW (if you knew how you’d already have done it, right?), but you must Decide before you can have permanent weight loss.

I = Intend.

You must set your Intentions for all of the steps of permanent weight loss. What do you Intend to create for yourself in your body and your life?

E = Expect.

When you have the sure Expectation of success then you will succeed. A great example of this is one of the recent Graduates of The Inner Self Diet™ (that’s Kathy) who was Expecting Good Things to come for her before we even met and she hired me as her permanent weight loss coach.

She did not know WHAT was coming but she Expected something Good, and she got it!

T = Take Action.

After you’ve Decided you shall have permanent weight loss, you have set your Intentions, and you have the Expectation of success, then you must Take Action with the proven steps of the proven system that works. The System that have already been proven over and over again to provide the outcome of permanent weight loss.

Take Action with the proven steps of The Inner Self Diet™ and you shall succeed, just like everyone else already has.

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