Chocolate cake Sugar AddictionDo you feel like you’re addicted to sugar?

Do you ever say that you just can’t stop eating if what you’re eating contains sugar?

Have you ever wanted to get off of refined sugar completely?

Do you believe that the reason you are overweight is because of sugar? Most importantly, do you believe that you can be helped?

Sugar Addiction – Isn’t This Why I’m Overweight? New Episode of The JoLynn Braley Show!

I received a question from Ellen who read an old article of mine about sugar addiction based on ten questions in Dr. DesMaison’s book.

I wrote that article six years ago and back then I was very focused on what is only ten percent of the problem: food and exercise.

Back then I often wrote about sugar addiction, and at that time my focus was mainly about making food “the bad guy”. The fact is that your MINDSET is 90% of your problem (it’s also 90% of the solution once you get a weight loss mindset!).

After you get a weight loss mindset you will no longer be looking at food as the problem. Those who have a weight loss mindset don’t even think the words “sugar addiction” because that’s not how they live!

Once you have a weight loss mindset if you truly want to eradicate all sugar from your life, then you do it without struggle. Or if you want to eat a cookie once a week or once a month, you do that without struggle. A weight loss mindset means that you have all of the Inner Self Tools to enable yourself to live how YOU want to live. Those Inner Self Tools give you the specific means to stay in control of YOUR mind and YOUR emotions, which is where any kind of addiction begins.

I did not mention this in my podcast but here’s what the REAL addiction is: The addiction to Feeling Bad. In my proprietary proven step-by-step system The Inner Self Diet™ my clients learn exactly how to release the true addiction, and replace their F.A.T. Mindset with a weight loss mindset. Release your Fear Attracting Thoughts (F.A.T.) and you’ll have an easy time releasing the fat.

The way you use and abuse food today is only a symptom of your current mindset. An F.A.T. mindset on the inside creates excess physical fat on the outside. Sugar cravings are a result of the root of your issue, which all begins on the Inside of YOU. There is nothing “out there” that is driving you to overeat on sugar. It’s all within you.

Let’s take a look at the email I received with the reader’s question:

Hello, I found your site while researching sugar addiction. I am in the process (I actually just started today) reading “potatoes not prozac”. It seemed like in your update that you no longer believe in this type of program.

I am getting very overweight and find it very difficult right now as I am craving lots of sugar. Did you find it helpful (the book), and then found something better?

I recognized some Abraham-Hicks language in your material, but although I love the message I have not been able to get it to work for me re: weight (or attracting money either!) Anyhow, would like to understand more about what you do and why you changed from the sugar addiction idea. Thank you, Ellen

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Tune in for next week’s episode when the show topic will be: Is Fat a Four Letter Word?

Remember, your Mindset is 90 percent of the game of achieving lasting success with your weight. Diet and exercise is only 10 percent. If you aren’t Doing the 10 percent right now without any struggle then that is one hundred percent a mindset issue.

Just imagine….if you no longer had those internal battles within you…if you simply live healthy and fit, without self-sabotage. If you could do THAT, then what could possibly stop you from losing weight and keeping it off?

Get a weight loss mindset and you’ll finally make weight loss easy for yourself!