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With Valentine’s Day only a week away, today on The JoLynn Braley Show we looked at “How does self-love help you lose weight?”

What’s interesting is that many mistakenly think that a weight loss mindset is only about surface, positive thinking, when in actuality, it’s about so much more (at least the core weight loss mindset that the Graduates of The Inner Self Diet™ experience!

One ingredient of a weight loss mindset (essential if you want to achieve permanent success with your weight) is falling in love with YOU. Even more importantly, falling in LIKE with yourself!

How Self-Love Helps You Lose Weight

For most who struggle with overeating and overweight, they are not necessarily nice to themselves each day. Their days are filled with self-criticism and “beating themselves up” mentally with their inner voice of negativity. This is an example of the opposite of self-love and if you can relate then just notice, how does self-criticism help you lose weight?

Self love, on the other hand, helps you lose weight because it lacks all of that self-criticism, which only drives you to eat more. Even more important, it’s one of the vital ingredients of a weight loss mindset!

Here’s a brief recap of today’s show.

Show Recap:

  • With so many healthy eating and exercise plans available (even at the public library!) why is anyone overweight?
  • Why can’t you “Just Do It”?
  • Why positive thinking is not enough to give you a weight loss mindset.
  • How your Mindset follows you everywhere (can you hang it up in the closet and walk away from it, even for 5 minutes?).
  • When you get a weight loss mindset then ALL areas of your life transform.
  • Self-love is a vital ingredient of a weight loss mindset.
  • Self LIKE is often even more important! (ever had someone in your life whom you loved but could not stand to be around because you did not genuinely Like them?)

Each show will include a Question of The Day or a Tip of the Day. This show included questions for you to write down, pen and paper!

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