Fairy Tale Castle of MagicAre you still waiting for that magical day when “something will happen” and you’ll suddenly, magically, be motivated to lose weight?

Do you believe in fairy tales? Have you ever considered that you just might be under the influence of one, and it’s seriously impacting your ability to lose weight?

Do note that there IS magic, but the magic only appears after you Take Action with action steps that work. Action steps that give you the results of struggle-free permanent weight loss.

Results like that don’t come from magical weight loss thinking though. And what’s exciting is that once you take decisive action to get a weight loss mindset then you WILL think that magic has occurred in your life because your behaviors will shift so significantly that you will wonder why you didn’t get a weight loss mindset 20 years ago.

In this episode of The JoLynn Braley Show I’ll help you understand the danger of “someday my prince will come” thinking (another symptom of an F.A.T. Mindset) and what you get as a result (trust me, it’s not fun to live with the results of that mindset!). 

Magical Weight Loss: Why It Never Appears

Grab pen and paper, you’ll need it for this Free Weight Loss Podcast episode of The JoLynn Braley Show.

In this week’s episode you’ll learn:

  • What weight loss magic is
  • Why magical weight loss never happens
  • What happens while you’re waiting for your prince (magical weight loss) to come
  • What the Real Solution is
  • Questions to ask yourself

Let’s listen in to this week’s episode of The JoLynn Braley Show to learn why it’s vitally important that you break out of magical thinking about weight loss and how a weight loss mindset solves your problem.

Simply click the play button on the player on this page and you can listen immediately.

Keep in mind that when you decide to do the proven steps to get a core, true, weight loss mindset, then you’ll be LIVING struggle-free with your weight instead of Waiting For Magic to “Some day One Day Maybe it will happen…..”, which means that while you’re waiting for that magical weight loss, you’re still living in that annoying struggle with your overeating and your weight. That’s not fun!

Listen to what happened with Laura while she waited to get my help in The Inner Self Diet™ and also hear the Results she got from taking action with the proven steps of my system!

It’s much more fun to live without struggle with food and your weight. You need a weight loss mindset in order to do that because it’s your Mindset that is 90% of the solution.

What would it feel like to finally be done with all of those back and forth struggles with your overeating, dieting, weight loss and weight regain? What if you could put all of that behind you, once and for all?

Listen In Below to The JoLynn Braley Show!

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Read what Graduates of The Inner Self Diet™ have to say about their struggle-free weight loss Results.

Listen to what Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™ have to say about their struggle-free weight loss Results.