Get Real What Are Your Weight Loss RESULTS - FearlessFatLoss.comLet’s Get Real: What Are Your Weight Loss RESULTS?

This week’s episode of The JoLynn Braley Show is very important, for YOU!

Why is that? Because talking and talking (and talking!) about losing weight for good, without struggle, without deprivation….well all of that talk….what kind of Results do you get?

If you want to get different Results in your life and body then you must take different action.

Before you can take different action you must first know where you are starting!

This does require that YOU get honest with YOU. Merely so that you can know where you’re starting, look at the practical steps of the consistent actions you are taking in your life, and what the Results are that you are living!

When you see that day after day, you are still not getting the Results you’d love to have in your mind, body, and life, then you know you must make Real Change. But, if you continue to “keep on talking” and avoid taking action, then you won’t get the Results you seek.

NOTE: If you seriously desire to have the Results of struggle-free permanent weight loss then 90% of that success will come through a weight loss mindset. That mindset must include a great deal more than only surface, positive thinking. Heal the Root of your lifelong struggles with food and your weight and you’ll be on to lasting success without struggle!

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Let’s Get Real: What Are Your Weight Loss RESULTS?

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  • You must know where you’re starting in order to get to where you are going.
  • Same thing as taking a trip! To fly to Mexico and lay on the beach, you must first know which airport you are flying out of!
  • What happens if you don’t Get Real with yourself today?
  • What are the Results you are currently living as a result of an F.A.T. Mindset?
  • How would you feel if you had the Results of a weight loss mindset and you already were living IN your ideal body?
  • What would you be doing today?
  • How does your current mindset and current Results hold you back?
  • List all current Results with pen and paper.
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  • What are the struggle-free Results you would love to be living in your mind, body, and life?

Question of the Day: 

Each show will include a Question of The Day or a Tip of the Day. This show included several questions, all which require pen and paper!

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Tune in for Episode 5 next week on January 31, the last day of the month of this brand new year!

Episode 5: What’s The Verdict? Do New Year’s Resolutions To Lose Weight Work?

If you made a New Year’s Resolution to Lose weight and you found that you could not keep it, then what can you do now to move forward?

What’s most exciting is that once you get a weight loss mindset, you don’t make any more New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight! Just like Kathleen, one of the Graduates of The Inner Self Diet™.


Achieve Permanent Weight Loss Now

You got REAL with yourself while listening to today’s episode of The JoLynn Braley Show, but now what? In order to experience Real Results in your mind, body, and life so that you can LIVE permanent weight loss (instead of just thinking about it) you need to take action with specific, proven steps. Proven steps which will lead you to your results of permanent weight loss.

In The Inner Self Diet I mentor my clients step-by-step to a weight loss mindset, which is 90% of the solution to permanent weight loss. Diet and exercise is just 10% of the solution, which is easy for you to see because if you don’t DO anything with all of the healthy lifestyle information you have collected over the years, then this is a symptom of an F.A.T. Mindset. The opposite of a weight loss mindset.

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