Seesaw at Fearless Fat LossYo-yo dieting is just exhausting, isn’t it. To have 10, 20 or 30 ups and downs with your weight…losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight and regaining what you lost, plus more.

It makes you feel like you’re on a seesaw or on the end of a yo-yo, doesn’t it!

Good News: You do NOT have to live like this!

Just because you feel extreme anxiety about your weight and you try over and over again to do the Fast Fat Loss route, you know from experience that that Fast Fat Loss actually takes a lifetime.

Why? Because you’re never able to maintain your weight.

If only you could END your yo-yo dieting and compulsive overeating, END your binge eating, END your depression about your weight, and achieve Freedom from the struggle…, even imagining that makes you feel lighter, doesn’t it!

Click Here to listen to what Nancy, a Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™ has to say about putting 37 years of yo-yo dieting behind her!


How To End Yo-Yo Dieting Syndrome

In this episode of The JoLynn Braley Show I’ll help you understand what your experience with yo-yo dieting shows you, and what to do to end your yo-yo dieting syndrome. YES, your yo-yo dieting, compulsive overeating, sugar addictions, emotional eating and any other unhealthy behaviors that are keeping you overeating and overweight…ALL of this can be put in the past.

I guarantee that you CAN end all of that mess. Why? Because you were not born a yo-yo dieter or compulsive overeater. You were born naturally slender.

Listen In Now!

Grab pen and paper, you’ll need it for this Free Weight Loss Podcast episode of The JoLynn Braley Show.

In this week’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Why dieting doesn’t solve your overeating and overweight struggles
  • Why you have never been able to maintain your weight and continue to yo-yo
  • What happens when you force yourself to diet and lose weight
  • What your overeating and overweight actually signify
  • What the Real Solution is
  • Questions to ask yourself

Let’s listen in to this week’s episode of The JoLynn Braley Show to learn why it’s vitally important that you release your yo-yo dieting syndrome so that you can achieve permanent success with your weight.

Simply click the play button on the player on this page and you can listen immediately.

Keep in mind that when you decide to do the proven steps to get a core, true, weight loss mindset, then you’ll be LIVING struggle-free with your weight instead of chasing the next new food diet (hey, there’s a new one out on the market almost every day!). But you’ll never achieve that freedom “Someday” because by the time “Someday” gets here, you’ll be so ingrained in putting off your life, that you’ll put it off again. And how do you live during all that time while you’re putting it off? You’re still in the yo-yo dieting struggle (ack!!). Don’t you deserve better?


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If You Are Serious About Ending Your Yo-Yo Dieting Syndrome

If you are ready to live in freedom from your ongoing food and weight struggles and stop the madness of “waiting for someday” then here’s your next step: Click here to apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session

This is for YOU if you’d love to stop asking yourself, “Why am I so smart and successful in my business life yet I’m still struggling with my weight? Why can’t I just DO it?!”

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Read what Graduates of The Inner Self Diet™ have to say about their struggle-free weight loss Results.

Listen to what Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™ have to say about their struggle-free weight loss Results.

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