The High Costs Emotional Eating Costs You to Keep Struggling With It Alone | | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley

If you’re like most you haven’t considered just how much emotional eating is really costing you while you keep struggling alone.

If you’re like most you only look at that number on the scale without considering the heavy, weighty, emotional, mental, and spiritual costs that impact every single area of your life while you keep struggling alone with your emotional eating.

Hey, you’re certainly not alone in your emotional eating struggles because there are millions out there Right Now who can’t stop emotional eating. BUT….they are doing the same thing you’re doing: they’re suffering in silence, telling themselves they can somehow, some way solve the problem on their own. Even though (just like you) they never have.

All of those millions of folks who are struggling with emotional eating just like you are could break free in just a few weeks if they had the professional coaching they need, from the right coach. But instead, they keep struggling alone and their entire life suffers. Why? Because you cannot separate this problem from every area of your life. Why? Because of the heavy impact emotional eating, overweight and yo-yo dieting has on your Entire Life. Because you have a physical body, you take it with you everywhere you go. You can’t go anyplace in any area of your life without your body, and without the thoughts and emotions you carry along with you about your body and yourself. All of those negative thoughts you have about your inability to lose weight and keep it off, all of the struggles you keep having, all of that stuff goes WITH you to your work place, into the bedroom, onto the beach, and into your bank account.

You see, this isn’t just an overweight problem you have, and it isn’t just an emotional eating problem you have. It’s a LIFE problem you have, and the Good News is that once the root of that problem is healed (easy to do with the right coaching!) then you will be home free. Then you will be FREE of the bondage of your emotional eating. Then you will be FREE to live a healthy lifestyle, drop the fat, and keep it off.

In this episode of The JoLynn Braley Show you’ll learn:

  • How much emotional eating is REALLY costing you while you keep struggling with it alone.
  • WHY it’s so important that you Get Real with yourself Right Now (hey, this is your life! It’s ticking by whether you’re thriving or not!)
  • How the heavy costs of your personal struggle with emotional eating intersects every area of your life.
  • Why it’s so easy and fast to break free of your emotional eating once you hire the right coach who has the proven system for struggle-free permanent weight loss.

Grab pen and paper to take full advantage of this free weight loss podcast. WARNING: This is Get Real Episode #38 of The JoLynn Braley Show. You won’t like this podcast if you are not willing to Get REAL with yourself!! (NOTE: It’s extremely important to Get Real with YOU Now because otherwise you’ll stay in the average zone where everyone else is hanging out: overweight, failing, and frustrated. Don’t do this to yourself! Get Real with YOU now. Learn more in this week’s free weight loss podcast.)

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How Much Emotional Eating Is REALLY Costing You While You Keep Struggling Alone [Podcast #162]

Tune in for next week’s episode: 3 Ways to Love Yourself Without Emotional Eating on Valentine’s Day (Special Podcast episode for Singles!)

Are you single and dreading the pressure of being single on Valentine’s Day? Do you also struggle with emotional eating and have a hard time saying no to all of that Valentine’s chocolate on the store shelves? Then tune in to next week’s episode of The JoLynn Braley Show for help! Even though it’s aimed at singles, you can still listen in if you’re a coupled emotional eater. All Good!

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