3 Ways You're Keeping Yourself Stuck And Overweight - FearlessFatLoss.comEek! You probably don’t want to hear this but in this week’s free weight loss podcast episode, you’re going to learn 3 ways you’re keeping yourself stuck and overweight. But wait! This is actually Good News! Why? Because if you’re the only one who is keeping yourself stuck and overweight….then this means that you are also the ONLY One who must change to get unstuck and lose weight!

This is a Good Thing because no one else and no thing else outside of you must change in order for YOU to get exactly what YOU want. This is freedom!! But first, let’s find out what the 3 ways are that you’re keeping yourself stuck and overweight, so that you can then change them. Make sense?

So if….

  • You’ve been feeling stuck in your overweight body
  • You’ve been feeling unable to “get it together” and make the necessary changes to drop the fat and keep it off
  • You can’t stop eating that ice cream, those cookies, or that candy
  • And you feel annoyed to read that it’s really you who is keeping yourself stuck and overweight, then…


To repeat: this is a Good Thing that YOU are the only one who is in your way, since this means that Only YOU must change in order to get unstuck and lose weight.

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After all, just imagine this: if it were not YOU who is in your way, and instead it was something or someone “out there” stopping you from losing weight and keeping it off….then that would mean that you’d have No Control over getting the body YOU desire, because you would have to wait, and wait (and wait!) for that something or someone “out there” to change, before YOU could get what YOU want. Make sense? Sure does, doesn’t it.

On with the show!

3 Ways You’re Keeping Yourself Stuck and Overweight

This is the 26th episode of the year and the sixth Get Real episode of The JoLynn Braley Show this year.

I stated in January that I would do at least one Get Real episode each month this year, for the purpose of helping the show’s listeners to….Get Real Now!

Why is this so important? Listen to the show to hear the full details and for you now, a brief outline is the fact that the longer you wait to Get Real with yourself, the longer you will live in struggle with food and your weight.

How can this be? Because it’s far too easy to get caught up in your daily do-do-do, running around and doing everything for everyone else, putting yourself on the bottom of your list (if you even make it onto the list!) and then another day goes by, which turns into a month, a year and five years.

The years fly by while you continue to tell yourself that “tomorrow” or “Monday!” or the dreaded “Someday” you’ll change, lose weight, and “get it together”.

What are the Results you’re getting from that? What is the quality of your Life and the level of fitness in your body? If you’re happy with your Results, then keep doing what you’ are doing. But if you’re not, then you’ve got to Get Real with yourself Now and make a decision on exactly what you’re going to do to change it. 

Listen In Below to get the full details.

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If you’re feeling depressed about your weight, you’re not alone! What’s even more important to know however, is that you do NOT have to stay in that depressed state, or stay in the overweight! Yes, there is a way out of both.

If you can relate and would love to hear some inspiring success then be sure to tune in to next week’s episode of The JoLynn Braley Show.

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3 Ways You’re Keeping Yourself Stuck and Overweight [Podcast #026]