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Do you have a pattern of starting a new diet and seeing progress, only to end up stopping and wondering why you sabotage yourself?

Do you have a pattern of starting a new weight loss program only to have “something happen” so you stop?

Have you lost weight 10, 20, or 30 times throughout your life, always sabotaging your progress so that you yo-yo diet up and down?

If you are like most, you already know that a healthy lifestyle is essential for lasting success with your weight.

However when you are sabotaging yourself by binge eating, stuffing yourself, night eating and more, then no amount of dieting will stop that behavior. Sabotaging behaviors are all Inner Self issues and a food diet will never solve those for you.

The fact that you aren’t living the healthy lifestyle you know how to live is the glaring sign that you have a Mindset Issue. What’s exciting is that once you get a weight loss mindset, you’ll no longer sabotage yourself. There won’t be any desire to!

NOTE: I can only speak for the results of my coaching clients who do the steps of The Inner Self Diet™. I cannot vouch for any other kind of “weight loss mindset cure” you could find elsewhere since my proprietary step-by-step system is proven to heal the Root of your ongoing food and weight struggles and self-sabotage.

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Get A Weight Loss Mindset And Your Weight Struggles Will Be Released

Mindset is 90% of your problem. Diet and exercise is only 10% of the solution. Once you get a weight loss mindset then DOING the healthy eating and exercise (10%) will become easy. This is exactly why 95% of dieters fail: They (and you!) have never gotten a solid and true weight loss mindset. You’ve also never healed the Root of your lifelong struggles with food and your weight.

If you had, you’d have no struggle living healthy today!

3 Things Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Here’s a brief synopsis of the 3 things that are sabotaging your weight loss:

1.) It’s your Mindset. Without a weight loss mindset (which is ninety percent of your challenge when you are sabotaging yourself) you will continue to sabotage your weight loss and struggle to eat healthy.

2.) Limiting Beliefs. When you believe you can’t lose weight or that it’s all too hard, you are right! You will prove yourself right every time.

3.) Trying to Go It Alone. You either don’t believe you deserve to get the help of a professional coach and mentor (you believe you should be able to fix all of your Inner Self weight struggles on your own) or you don’t believe you are worth investing in. It takes an investment to fully solve your ongoing food and weight struggles and low self-worth (which is part of what drives your self-sabotage) can stop you, if you allow it to.

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