3 Steps to Guarantee an Easy 52 lb Weight Loss in 52 Weeks | FearlessFatLoss.com | Permanent Weight Loss Coach JoLynn BraleyIn this week’s free weight loss podcast from The JoLynn Braley Show, listen in and learn 3 steps to guarantee an EASY 52 lb weight loss in 52 weeks. Pay special attention to that word EASY (yay!!). And hey…. if you’re saying to yourself “That is too long! I want to lose 52 pounds in 8 weeks!!” then answer this question: How many years exactly have you been struggling with overeating and overweight?

You see, while you’re certainly not alone in your food and weight struggles (millions are struggling just like you are right now) if you’re also doing what millions out there are doing, then you’re looking for a quick fix. But have you ever considered how much those fast fat loss quickie fixes end up costing you long term? Read this for more on that subject.

On top of that….wouldn’t you rather lose 52 pounds and Keep It Off for the rest of your life? How can you accomplish this result if you keep chasing fast fat loss fixes that don’t work long term anyway? Listen in now to learn more in this week’s free weight loss podcast from The JoLynn Braley Show.

In this episode of The JoLynn Braley Show you’ll learn:

  • 3 Steps to Guarantee an EASY 52 lb Weight Loss in 52 Weeks
  • Critical questions to ask yourself to ensure that you stop the struggle, end your emotional eating, and get a move on towards your ideal body!
  • Why weight loss coaching is the golden ticket to the easiest weight loss ever, IF you have the right coach

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3 Steps to Guarantee an Easy 52 lb Weight Loss Over the Next 52 Weeks [Podcast #052]

Tune in for next week’s episode: 3 Steps to Becoming a New YOU in The New Year

Next week I’ll share three steps with you to become a New YOU in the NEW Year, but wait! You can use these 3 steps at ANY time of the year! Why put off your success until some other time? The only time to step into your power and your ideal body is NOW. Don’t you agree?

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