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There are 3 devastating things you’re losing when you’re not losing weight and you’re probably thinking these 3 things are what most think they are. But what if there are critical things that are eating away at you right now because of the fact that you’re not able to stick with it long term in order to lose weight? What if you’re like MILLIONS of women out there who right now as you read these words, they can’t stop eating. Those MILLIONS of women (just like you) cannot stop emotional eating, they can’t stick with it, and they constantly feel frustrated because they WANT to lose weight, but they aren’t able to stick with it long enough to DO it.

So then what happens? Over time you erode your Inner Self, the foundation within your mind and emotions that makes up Who You ARE. This is a lot more at stake here than having excess fat on your body: this is about YOU and Your Life. When you’re not losing weight then you’re not sticking with your commitment to yourself and you’re losing 3 devastating things that are impacting every other area of your life. Not fun!! How do I know? Because I’ve been there, too.

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In this episode of The JoLynn Braley Show you’ll learn:

  • The three devastating things you’re losing when you’re not losing weight
  • A fourth (bonus!) thing you’re losing when you’re not losing weight
  • Why it’s so critical that you stop the loss of what you’re losing right now and gain full control of your mind and emotions, not only to stop emotional eating, stop binge eating and end your overweight struggles, but also to gain back all that you’ve lost during all of your years of struggle with food and your weight.

Grab pen and paper to take full advantage of this free weight loss podcast. WARNING: This is Get Real Episode #39 of The JoLynn Braley Show. You won’t like this podcast if you are not willing to Get REAL with yourself!! (NOTE: It’s extremely important to Get Real with YOU Now because otherwise you’ll stay in the average zone where everyone else is hanging out: overweight, failing, and frustrated. Don’t do this to yourself! Get Real with YOU now. Learn more in this week’s free weight loss podcast.)

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3 Devastating Things You’re Losing When You’re Not Losing Weight [Podcast #169]

Tune in for next week’s episode: Haters Jealousy and Weight Loss (oh my!)

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