Apple and Scale | Fearless Fat LossNews Flash! Weight loss is not all it’s cracked up to be! In fact, there are several reasons why you should NOT lose weight.

How could this possibly be true?? Especially when there are millions upon millions searching for the next magical cure to lose weight…without making any lifestyle or mindset changes? (eek! That’s not the path to permanent weight loss!)

Well just because millions are searching for how to lose weight with a pill or a magical sprinkle or powder does not mean that fast weight loss (or any kind of weight loss) is healthy weight loss for you.

But which do YOU want for yourself? Healthy weight loss, which is Fat Loss, or any kind of weight loss that makes the scale move?

What Is The Difference Between Fat Loss and Weight Loss?

So what IS the difference between fat loss and weight loss? And most importantly, which one do YOU want?

If what you are doing is placing all of your value on what the number on the scale says, just looking for those numbers to move no matter how that is accomplished, then you are focused only on weight loss.

Here’s what you could be losing:

  • Bone
  • Water
  • Muscle
  • Fat

Your “Weight Loss” could be any of these, and many fad diets and magical weight loss cures are offering you the “weight loss” of water weight. If you are not exercising consistently with resistance bands or weights then you are likely losing muscle and bone as well.

How to know for sure: Use a scale like a Tanita scale that measures your body fat percentage, water weight, bone, and even calculates your metabolic age.

Pay the most attention to your body fat percentage. If you are actually dropping fat from your body then your bone weight should stay the same (or get better with weight training) and your water weight should not fluctuate that much. It will fluctuate some but unless you are only geared towards seeing numbers change on the scale, therefore not caring about losing fat, then you wouldn’t want your water weight to have huge highs and massive lows.

If that is what you are experiencing then the question would then follow, “Are you binge eating and putting loads of salt and sugar into your system in order to cause the massive water bloat in your body?”

If that is the case then you are probably consistently asking yourself, “Why can’t I stop eating?” which is a common question for many who have an F.A.T. Mindset.

The good news is that once you have A Weight Loss Mindset you won’t be saying “I can’t stop eating” because that behavior will be a thing of the past! (How would you feel if you were living with that outcome right now?!)

The Easiest Way to Lose Fat and Keep It Off

If you have decided that what YOU want for YOU is fat loss instead of any ‘ole kind of weight loss then there IS an easy way to do it. And it’s probably NOT what you think! Especially if you’ve been searching your lifetime for diets and exercise programs…

The easiest way to lose fat and keep it off is by first getting A Weight Loss Mindset.

Yes! That is the key to easy fat loss. Just like one of my coaching clients (M.G.) said in a recent update:

“I have released a total of 15lbs so far…all without struggle and self-sabotage. It has been the easiest that it has ever been for me.”

Click here to read M.G.’s full testimonial.

When you have A Weight Loss MINDSET then fat loss is easy, therefore the “weight loss” achieved through a weight loss mindset is actually Fat Loss. So, it could just as easily be called A Fat Loss Mindset! Either way, it gets the job done. (Note: I use the term “weight loss mindset” and “permanent weight loss” often because many do not yet understand what the difference is between fat loss and weight loss. Therefore they think they want “weight loss” until they learn the facts.)

FACT: Mindset is 90% of lasting success with your weight.

Method (how you eat and exercise) is ONLY 10%. Yes! 10%.

This is why 95% of dieters fail. They are only “attacking” the 10% of the problem! They are not addressing the biggest part of the problem – their MIND, their Mindset.

Once you change your mindset and get a weight loss mindset then the rest is a piece of cake!

Your Next Step

If YOU are Serious about achieving permanent weight loss (permanent Fat Loss!) for yourself and you realize that you do not have a weight loss mindset (the most important key to struggle-free lasting success!) then here’s what you can do immediately: Click Here to start the process of applying for a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session.

It’s your first step towards permanent weight loss, or actually, permanent fat loss!