What Is Permanent Weight LossWhat IS Permanent Weight Loss?

Permanent weight loss, above all else, is Freedom.

Freedom from the pain. Freedom from the struggle. Freedom from the never-ending up and down battle you wage with yourself, forever telling yourself you’ll “start on Monday” and “I’ll suddenly be different tomorrow!”.

Unfortunately for you, that Monday, Someday, One Day never comes, because it can’t. Here’s why:

It is impossible to achieve permanent weight loss without struggle when you still have the MINDSET that created your struggle.

Yes, it is a fact: You must have A Weight Loss MINDSET if you shall ever hope to succeed and experience struggle-free, permanent weight loss. Here’s why a Weight Loss Mindset is critical to your lasting, struggle-free success with your weight:

Mindset is 90% of Success. Method (your chosen, healthy, consistent way of eating and exercise) is only 10% of the equation!

Once you have a Weight Loss Mindset then struggle-free permanent weight loss is a snap. That’s when you make weight loss easy for yourself!

What Else Is Permanent Weight Loss?

Something else that permanent weight loss is: It is Struggle-free.

Permanent weight loss IS struggle-free weight loss. It is the end of your self-sabotage, the end of feeling deprived, and the end of using your willpower to make yourself follow another diet.

Is permanent weight loss a free for all? Meaning, can you eat whatever you want, stuff yourself, and live on brownies and STILL drop the fat and keep it off?

No, that is not permanent weight loss. Nor does anyone who is living with conscious choice truly believe that they could have the body of their dreams by sitting on the couch eating brownies everyday.

Jump for Joy for Permanent Weight Loss!

Jump for Joy for Permanent Weight Loss! Feel the Freedom from The Struggle!

Here’s what permanent weight loss IS:

When you have a Weight Loss Mindset, which is the crucial ingredient in order to achieve permanent weight loss, then the exciting thing is that you don’t have the desire to stuff yourself and eat brownies all day. It’s not even a thought you would think!

OR, if you did choose to think that thought (hey, you always get to choose what you think!), you would have very specific tools to change your thought and stay in control of your own Mindset, since it is your MIND which always leads your body.

Specifically that is…if you are a coaching client of mine who has had the experience of journeying through my step-by-step proven System to permanent weight loss!

Which means you already have the specific tools you need to maintain your Mindset and continue to enjoy your relationship with food and your body without struggle. And if that is not you, how would that feel to be in complete control of YOU finally? To be 100% in control of your eating and exercise, and of course your MIND…imagine the freedom!

Is Permanent Weight Loss about Perfectionism?

Does Permanent weight loss mean that you never ever overeat? That you are PERFECT?

That’s a great question, and here’s the truth: When a person with a Weight Loss Mindset overeats they behave in an entirely different manner than one who has a Mindset filled with F.A.T. (Fear Attracting Thoughts).

One with an F.A.T. Mindset will immediately berate themselves and then run to the store to buy as much food as possible to eat it all in the least amount of time possible (since Tomorrow they shall “start again”…), or they will find any and all food in the house that they had been depriving themselves of and have a “free for all”. And then feel very bad about their overeating and eat more food!

What’s exciting is that once you have A Weight Loss Mindset, which is exactly what I coach my inspired clients to, you behave in a very productive, sane manner if you overeat (for example: Thanksgiving). Then you notice that 1) you don’t feel comfortable and 2) you naturally stop putting food in your already full stomach! Without any big struggle.

Nor does one with a Weight Loss Mindset consistently overeat – since it does not make them feel good. The point being that if they do, it’s vastly different than when a compulsive over eater overeats because a compulsive over eater has an F.A.T. Mindset, which leads to the ongoing battle.

Permanent Weight Loss Is a New YOU

To achieve permanent weight loss you must become a New YOU. A New YOU with a Weight Loss Mindset!

A New YOU who could not relate to what you are so used to doing today: Losing weight, overeating, binging, regaining, starving, losing weight, searching for more diets, regaining, losing weight and regaining the weight, and on and on…once you have A Weight Loss Mindset you shift into a completely New YOU.

A New YOU who would not consider stuffing yourself, starving yourself, or struggling with yourself! Quite exciting!

With a Weight Loss Mindset the New YOU will allow yourself to feel good while dropping the fat. Now to have that benefit you must learn specifically how to change your Mindset so that you can lose weight the easy way. So that you can stop the weight loss sabotage and the defeatist mentality, and so you can achieve permanent weight loss.

Not quickie water loss (which is not fat loss) but permanent weight loss. Real weight loss, which is Fat Loss. Healthy. Without deprivation, willpower or struggle.

So, Is Permanent Weight Loss about Strict Dieting?

Must you follow a strict dieting plan to achieve permanent weight loss? I do not know the answer for YOU because this is only a written article and two-way communication between you and your permanent weight loss coach is required to achieve permanent weight loss in the least amount of time possible.

When I work with my coaching clients I empower them to become a match on the inside, within their Inner Self, to the body of their dreams on the outside, which means that they have A Weight Loss Mindset FIRST and above all else.

Then, after they get a weight loss mindset, if they choose to follow a structured eating plan it’s only because they choose to because they want to. Otherwise they use the natural eating strategies I coach them through in my step-by-step proven System to permanent weight loss.

Either way, it’s only my clients who can make that choice for themselves, which is where the real power lies. For if there were to be the perfect number of eating plans or food diets on this planet for everyone then there would have to the the same number as the population!

Most of my clients do not follow a structured eating plan, but then there are a few who choose to, because that is what feels best to THEM, which is one of the things they learn in The Inner Self Diet™.

Permanent weight loss gives YOU the control. To drop the fat and keep it off without deprivation, forcing yourself to diet, or struggle. But if you are really stuck on using willpower, the place where that will work for you is in doing the proven steps to get A Weight Loss Mindset, for that truly is where the transformation must occur! On the inside.

That is an investment to make in yourself where your willpower will finally pay off! In getting A Weight Loss Mindset, which is the critical ingredient to finally gain all of the benefits of struggle-free, permanent weight loss. Without a weight loss mindset, which is 90% of your challenge today, you cannot achieve permanent weight loss.

Fast Track to Permanent Weight Loss!

When you work with a certified, trained professional, who is highly skilled in mentoring “hard cases” (those like you who have “done it all” and still failed to achieve permanent weight loss on your own) then you only need to follow the steps your coach gives you. The same, proven steps that those before you have already done. That is how you Fast Track yourself to permanent weight loss, since the entire path is already laid out for you!

If you are fed up with the struggle and are a successful, decisive action taker (the best!) then click here to read the reviews by the wonderful clients I have had the honor to coach. Follow the step on that page to Fast Track yourself to permanent weight loss with A Weight Loss Mindset (or click here and apply immediately). Then you will have the experience of struggle-free permanent weight loss and never again will you ask, “What IS Permanent Weight Loss?”!

Words don’t teach. Only experience does! (ala Abraham-Hicks) You must Experience the freedom of permanent weight loss to even be able to describe it to others. But don’t listen to me – listen to my inspiring clients!