Easy FlowIn case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a shift around here at Fearless Fat Loss.

Actually, it depends on how long you’ve been a smart reader of Fearless Fat Loss as to whether or not you’d have noticed the shift…

I Was Making It Too Hard

Do you believe that life is struggle, that you must “work hard” to get what you want? If you do, then I’m sure you also believe that weight loss is hard, that it must be a struggle to get the body you want, lose weight and get fit, right?

Well guess what – I can totally relate to that but it’s so amazing (and super cool!) that I really really “get” what this game of Life is all about.

It’s A Game of Vibration

You see, right now you’re reading this with your eyes that are in your physical body, but are you aware of what the larger part of you really is? You are in your body right now on this Earth but in actuality the larger part of you is a vibrational energy being.

This part of you that is pure energy is at it’s core pure love and all that is good. You cannot do a darned thing about this, that is who you really are, just like you cannot do a darned thing about the fact that you, just like the rest of us, live in a vibrational Universe. Just like you cannot run away from the law of gravity on this Earth plane, you cannot “escape” the fact that you live in a vibrational Universe.

This Is Really Cool

If you’ve never heard this before then I’m curious about why you are attracted to Fearless Fat Loss but that’s awesome that you’re here right now, reading this article. There must be a part of you who is aware on some level of what I’m sharing with you.

Anyway, what’s really cool about the fact that you and I and everyone else lives in a vibrational Universe is that when you learn how to deliberately and consciously play with it, when you learn how to consciously create what you want in life, you can literally be, do, and have anything you want in this life. If you’re familiar with Abraham-Hicks, you may have heard this before…

What’s This Have to Do With My Weight?!

So here’s what’s really awesome in relation to what Fearless Fat Loss is about, which is fitness for body, mind, and spirit:

When you are a vibrational match to the body you wish to create the actions you take to create that body are effortless and easy.

This does not mean that you don’t need to take action. It does mean that when you take that action it is easy to act and it feels effortless. You don’t have to make yourself do anything, you actually want to. If you are more familiar with the term “motivation”, when you are in alignment with what you want, you are naturally “motivated” to take action – it’s not a struggle at all.

What this means in regards to weight loss is that the process is easy and effortless. It’s really fun because when you are in the struggle, which is where I used to be, that struggle to lose weight, to get fit, to do those things that you want to do on one hand but the larger part of you really doesn’t want to do (hence, the struggle!) is very draining.

It’s not only a drain on your physical energy, but also on your mental and emotional energy. It’s a real drag. On the flip side, when you are in alignment, in vibrational harmony with the fit body you want to have, you free up a ton of energy you can use in other areas of your life.

I Was Forcing and Struggling – Hard and NO Fun!

What I was doing before was forcing myself to change from the outside in. If you’ve been around here long enough you are familiar with my recommendations I’ve given you for the 6-Week Body Makeover plan. I still think this plan rocks – it’s healthy, it gets your metabolism burning so your body burns the fat, and it’s a way to resculpt your body instead of just losing weight and looking like a deflated version of your bigger self.

The thing is though, that what I was doing was forcing myself to do that program, struggling to “get motivated”. I thought that I could effect a change on myself if only I’d get to that place, that weight I wanted to be at, and then I thought I’d be motivated to stay there since I’d be so excited about my achievement.

WrongI still was not a vibrational match on the inside, which is why I was fighting against taking the actions, even though they were excellent, healthy actions I could take!

The issue though, is that, “there is not enough forced action you could ever take in this entire Universe that will get you what you want when you are not a vibrational match to that thing that you want” (Abraham-Hicks)

I was forcing myself with physical action in an attempt to become something that I was not a match to on the inside – this does not work. Like I said above, neither myself, you, or anyone else living on this Earth plane can escape the fact that we live in a vibrational Universe. If you are not a vibrational match to what you want, you will not “get” that thing in your life.

9 Pounds Down, More To Come…

So far this month I’ve dropped 9 pounds without forcing myself to do anything. I’ve worked out when I’ve wanted to and I’ve eaten what I’ve wanted to. I’m back in the 140’s and I will continue on to get to where I feel good for my height and frame. Actually I feel really good right now, I simply feel even better when I’m about 15 – 20 pounds lighter, it’s as simple as that. What’s awesome though is that those cravings and desires to stuff myself are gone. I’m not pushing against anything, I’m simply in the flow, the vibration of “healthy and fit” and it’s all easy, fun, and good.

It’s That Simple

That’s about as simple as it gets. And you can do the same thing – you just need to know how to play with it and get into alignment. Now if you want to have a go at that on your own I think that’s awesome. It’s great fun when you can get out of your own way and not struggle to learn how to get in alignment though, because if you’re making that a struggle too, then it won’t be much fun for you.

I struggled my whole life to finally get to where I am today and my wish for you is that you do not go through the same struggle and mistakes that I did – it’s just not fun and life is supposed to feel good… yes, it really is!

Now if you are reading this and you would rather take the route of simple and easy instead struggling and forcing yourself to “get it” and you are Ready to Go For It and create your ideal body now instead of waiting to collect more diet and exercise information (which without action, that collection of information leads to massive frustration) then you are more than welcome to request a complimentary weight loss breakthrough session with yours truly.

Important Note: Due to the demand for these one-on-one weight loss breakthrough sessions with me my schedule is extremely full and I may not be able to speak with everyone. Therefore if you are truly ready to drop the struggle and create the body of your dreams now then be sure to include in your request what your biggest weight loss challenge is. I am most interested in speaking to those who are ready to Go For It like I am and get fit from the inside out so that the physical actions you take “stick” for life.

On the flip side, if you are still in the mode of collecting diet and exercise information and you are not ready to take action now to create your ideal body then this session isn’t right for you today. You’ve gotta be ready to drop the struggle and also end your quest for more information, information that without action leads to frustration and confusion, and if you’re not there yet you’re just not there yet, simple as that.

Shine ON!!

Shine on with the rest of your day and know that it is totally possible to effortlessly and easily lose weight and get fit. Yes, of course you still need to take action, but when you are not struggling and forcing yourself to take that action, when you’re not fighting against yourself and sabotaging your own efforts, boy is it ever fun and easy to take those healthy actions. 😉

Photo by poonomo