Apple and Measuring TapeIf you’re like millions of others you’ve dieted at least once (likely many more times than once!) in your life. And what you’ve found is that diets don’t work.

You’ve also found that YES, You CAN lose weight, but….you are unable to keep it off. And, it’s always a struggle. Therefore, specifically it’s that diets don’t work long-term – they might work short-term, but only if you stick to it, and that means you really have to DO IT.

When it’s too much of a struggle to stay consistent day in and day out, that is when you begin to say that diets don’t work. It’s an uphill battle (not fun!).

There’s a continual battle going on within you between that part of you that Does want to live healthy, fit, and slender, and that part of you that wants to eat anything and everything, no holds barred.

Well here’s The Number One Reason that Diet’s Don’t Work:

NOTHING works long-term unless you are a match On The Inside to the result you are seeking on the outside.

NOTE: This is true for everything in your life, not just diets! Not only is it a fact that diets don’t work when you are not a match on the inside to the result you want on the outside, but also this goes for ANY result you want in your life that you are currently struggling to achieve.

Yes, that’s right. This applies to Everything in your life that you have ever desired. Whether you have had a 20-year desire to lose weight and keep it off, or if you desire to get married or desire to create your own busines…if “for some reason” you’ve never achieved your deepest desires, it’s NOT for a lack of action on your part. It’s because you’ve not done the required steps to become an Inner Match to your Outer Desires.

And of course you must take action in order to succeed in life, but physical action without the required inner foundation will only yield frustration and failure.

Universal Law – The Inner and the Outer Always Match. Always.

The simplest way to explain this is to use yourself as an example. Exactly how many diets have you done in your lifetime? And what are the permanent results you’ve achieved from all of those diets?

How many other specific “fixes” have you done? Personal trainers, gym memberships, boot camps, exercise equipment, new wardrobes for all of the varying sizes you’ve been, and then there’s all of that food you’ve bought…

And here’s the point: Look at your RESULTS. Now IF you were an Inner Match to the life and the body of your dreams, you would not be reading this article. Heck, you’d be out there living that life of yours!

You cannot create or maintain any outcome without struggle unless you are first an inner, vibrational match to the outcome you desire. This is very basic Universal Law (LOA, law of attraction), which you can never ever “get away” from, regardless of your level of awareness.

Instead, what your results show you is that you are missing The Most Important Ingredient In Any Diet: The Inner YOU.

When you have a self-image of an Inner You that is a match to an overweight, inconsistent, unhealthy individual, THAT is what you get on the outside.

If your Inner You is programmed to fail, you can try try try forever and even have some success, but you will always boomerang back to where you began…and likely feel even worse after yet another failure.

To me, this is very sad because the diet industry en masse prays on “repeat offenders”. Those folks like you who always bump up against that “I don’t know what stopped me!” on the inside. That thing that you call “self-sabotage”. But you see, as long as that stays within you (which it will unless you take specific action to correct the problem), then you’ll continue to chase the next new diet fad.

Because you don’t know that what’s REALLY going on can never be fixed by a diet. This is the Number One Reason that Diets Don’t Work.

Even more frustrating is that there ARE some healthy weight loss plans out there that are far from those crazy diet aids but even those healthy weight loss plans will never work for you long-term because You Won’t Let Them.

Understand though, that the part of you that won’t let them work for you, the part of you that makes sure that diets don’t work is subconscious. And (get this)….it actually thinks it’s helping you!

Right. That subconscious part of you that ensures that diets don’t work for you actually thinks it is helping you. Unfortunately it’s not.

What To Do?

Plain and simple, if you desire to be done with your food and weight struggles once and for all and achieve permanent weight loss, you’ll need to do the necessary steps to become an Inner Match to the body of your dreams.

Do THAT and you’ll never again complain that diets don’t work, nor will you be searching on the Internet for “The number one reason diets don’t work”!

Instead you’ll be living your LIFE and treating food with the respect it deserves, just like you deserve to treat YOU with respect. Food will be food, you’ll enjoy it but it won’t BE your life any longer. No more food obsessions, diet obsessions, or scale obsessions. You’ll be free to live your life and take action on your dreams instead of having your number one goal be to find the next new diet.

Just imagine how good that would feel – to finally be free of the struggle. And, if you were excited and filled with enthusiasm about following some kind of healthy diet then you’d do it without struggle. You’d simply follow through, stay consistent, and have no problem whatsoever.

What would THAT be like?! To finally see that excess weight drop off and stay off. No struggle.

You can have all of this and more once you become an Inner Match to the body of your dreams. That will put an end to your food and weight struggles and you’ll never again say the words, “diets don’t work”. Because you’ll no longer be searching for one.

You won’t need to once you’re a match on the inside to the body you want on the outside.

If You are serious about putting an end to your food and weight struggles NOW (no room for “Tomorrowland folks” here!) then click here to take your next step.