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We’ve got a live Q&A with Emotional Eating Expert JoLynn Braley Permanent Weight Loss Coach for you today! JoLynn will be live at 4pm EST 1pm PST today to answer your questions about emotional eating, binge eating, struggle-free weight loss and more. Click Here to join us now! UPDATE: The Live Q&A with JoLynn has passed but don’t despair! Simply Click Here to join us on JoLynn’s next FREE Weight Loss Class!

JoLynn has been offering a Free Live weight loss class monthly since December 2014 and it totally rocks. JoLynn shows up for you Live once a month with a new topic to help you with your weight loss challenges and sometimes she offers a total Q&A session just like today. Get your questions answered live (and free!) on JoLynn’s Free Weight Loss Class today.

Live Q&A with Emotional Eating Expert JoLynn Braley Permanent Weight Loss Coach

Come to JoLynn’s FREE weight loss class and ask her anything, live! JoLynn is an expert in coaching her private coaching clients to struggle-free permanent weight loss from the inside out. JoLynn began offering her professional coaching services in her proven step-by-step system to permanent weight loss in 2009. Since 2009 every person who has followed JoLynn’s proven steps in The Inner Self Diet and simple done what JoLynn gave them to do, per her instructions, each one of her clients has achieved struggle-free weight loss within 8 weeks or less.

This is amazing considering these challenges with overeating and overweight span a lifetime.

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If The Date Has Passed…

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