JoLynn Braley Body Transformation ExpertI have very exciting news for you – my core platform is LIVE now!

Stop Hiding Behind The Fat

This has been awhile in the incubation stage and I’m so happy that it’s launched now. There are folks out there who will immediately “get it” when they see Stop Hiding Behind The Fat and those are the folks who are excited about transforming their body…and their LIFE.

I’ve outlined more details about what it means to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat in your own life here, and the nutshell version is that when you step up for YOU and decide to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat, then you release your fears and drop the fat with Struggle-Free action.

You create the body of your dreams (and keep it!) when you decide to Stop Hiding Behind The Fat and you then go for your DREAM.

What is Your Dream? You may even have several dreams, but instead of taking action on them in your life you are Hiding Behind The Fat – stuffing your dreams down with food and hiding them behind the fat. Stuffing them down because of your fears and insecurities of living the life – the DREAM you truly desire to be living.

When you Stop Hiding Behind The Fat you learn how to move beyond the fear, be secure in YOU (security will never be found outside of you), shed the fat, and take action with your Dreams.

Sure, of course one of your dreams is to live in your dream body…and your body is your vehicle in your LIFE. And what is your LIFE? Do you wish to continue having your life be all about food and weight loss?? Or, is your dream life about Feeling Good about YOU, your relationships, your creative ideas, your vision, your inspiration, and your love?

When you Stop Hiding Behind The Fat the focus shifts from the pain, frustration, and failure of living in an overweight, unhealthy, feel-bad body to focusing on living your Dream Life while you are taking struggle-free action to drop the fat and go for it in your LIFE.

If you continue to Hide Behind The Fat and stuff all of your dreams down with the food, the fear, and the fat, what kind of a LIFE is that for YOU?

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