Weight Loss and Big Jeans | Fearless Fat Loss dot comHave you ever wondered if Permanent Weight Loss is truly possible for you?

Do you have the belief that you must struggle, struggle, struggle and fight fight fight with your weight forever?

If you do believe this then guess what….you’re right!

If you believe that permanent weight loss is not possible for you and that managing your weight is meant to be a lifelong battle then yes, permanent weight loss is not possible. For You. Why? Because you will not be open to the solution.

Universal Law: You cannot find the solution within the vibration of the problem. They are on two different frequencies.

BELIEF Is Everything

If you believe that permanent weight loss is not possible for you then unfortunately you will not attain it. Holding that belief puts another brick in your foundation for your body, and your Life. When you have several bricks in your foundation of YOU that oppose what you talk about wanting (“I want to lose weight…but I’m not taking action”), then that foundation continues to support the overweight body and the actions you already have that continues to create it.

Imagine this…

Imagine building a brand new house, buying all of the very best building materials to construct it, and then buying the very best furnishings to outfit it.

Months later the construction is complete, the house is fully furnished with those beautiful outfittings, and then a sink hole opens up in the ground and that beautiful new house is sucked into the ground. (!!)

The house was built on a sink hole! A solid foundation was not present to support that beautiful new home.

This is exactly like forcing yourself to diet and exercise to lose weight, white-knuckling it all the way, while all along you BELIEVE the thoughts:

  • It’s so hard to lose weight.
  • I’ll always struggle.
  • I can’t do this.
  • I can only succeed in my career – I’m supposed to struggle with my weight forever.
  • It’s “normal” to struggle – it’s the Battle of The Bulge!
  • It’s not my fault, it’s the fault of the food. I have no control.

Those are sink hole beliefs that cannot support a healthy, fit, slender body. And to permanently change a foundation of beliefs it takes more than a sprinkle of affirmations.

It makes sense now, doesn’t it, that with a foundation of those beliefs…just how many days can forcing yourself to diet and exercise ever hold up? Two days? Three days? What’s interesting is that even if you apply massive force, deprivation, and dieting to yourself and you do reach your “goal weight”, if you’ve never done the inner work to get to The Root of the issue….well, your history will show you clearly: Exactly how many times have you lost weight, only to regain it, plus extra?

Universal Law: The Inner and the Outer always match. Always.

What To Do?

Unfortunately after years and years of struggling with food and your weight, telling yourself every day or every Sunday night that “Tomorrow will be different! I’ll MAKE myself change!”….but then it’s the same old thing over and over again…it does make sense why you would believe that permanent weight loss is just not possible for you.

However, if you hold yourself in that belief, what will ever change? How will you ever allow yourself to reach out and get help from a certified pro to permanently solve The Root of your symptoms? (Your symptoms = your overeating and your overweight.)

If you never solve The Root of your overweight, the Root that has been causing you frustration for so very many years (most of the women I work with began struggling in childhood), then how will you ever achieve your dream of permanent weight loss?

What you can do now is take a solid look at the Results you’ve have been getting. Exactly how many years have you been doing what you are now doing? Exactly what are the Results you have received (in your body, your eating, your exercise) from your actions all of these years?

If you keep on doing what you are doing, what will you get? (Answer: You’ll keep getting the same thing, just more of it.)

If you want a different result you’ve got to take different action.

If you truly desire to achieve permanent weight loss, to create a body that matches the high level of success you’ve already achieved in your career, then you must decide how quickly you want to make this happen. Another way to look at it is how much longer are you willing to keep living as you are living today? AND, if you want to get this result for yourself now rather than waiting for that tomorrow that never comes, then the quickest way to do so is to follow the path that others have already followed before you. A path to Success. A step-by-step proven system to permanent weight loss.

Once you have a step-by-step proven system that will be guided by a highly skilled professional, then you’ll have the help you need to get to The Root of your overweight symptoms. Then you’ll learn exactly how to build a solid foundation for the body you desire to live in.

Once you have all of the tools-o-success from your guiding pro coach, and you take action with them, then you’ll be unstoppable. Then you’ll be free of the ongoing frustration, struggle, and battle with food and your weight. Then you’ll have a solid foundation of beliefs in place that will support and carry you to permanent weight loss. Struggle-free.

What would it feel like to BELIEVE in YOU? To believe that you are capable of dropping the fat and keeping it off?

What would it feel like to live IN the body of your dreams? If you were living in the body of your dreams right now, living in healthy relationship with food right now, how exactly would this affect your career? How exactly would this transformation affect your relationships? How would your actions transform in all areas of your life if you no longer had this big, heavy food and weight struggle dragging you down?

If you felt fabulous in your body, in your clothes, in your walk, how would you step lightly into the boardroom, the basement, and the bedroom?

How would you feel about YOU if you finally achieved freedom from the endless struggle against food, the scale, the larger clothing sizes, and those negative tapes in your head that are keeping you overeating and overweight?

Permanent Weight Loss Rocks. Learn more about JoLynn’s step-by-step proven system to permanent weight loss here. Read what others have to say here!