Fearless Fat Loss Birthday CakeI have something very exciting to share with you today. It’s a result of the article I published on Monday, “Four Years at Fearless Fat Loss (and Cake, too!)“.

At the end of that article I wrote that I was on my way out to buy a little cupcake to celebrate the Four Year anniversary of Fearless Fat Loss. Well here’s what happened:

I did find a very small cake at the grocery store (that’s the cute little cake in the picture) after I published that article…which was FIVE Days ago. And guess where it is? FIVE days later?!

It’s in my refrigerator. In fact, I don’t even know whether or not it’s good to eat it now since I bought it so many days ago.

So…what’s so amazing about this? Well imagine if YOU were to have the results of:

  • No more food obsessions.
  • The ability to eat “just one”.
  • No more deprivation, dieting, or struggle.
  • Loving your body because you’ve finally dropped the fat…and kept it off.
  • No fear of ever “going backwards” because you simply no longer have the thoughts about food that you used to.
  • No more self-sabotage.
  • The ability to stay consistent with your healthy eating and exercise habits…and if you want cake, you have it. But not the whole cake, just a piece.

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Imagine Feeling Good about how you eat.

Imagine Feeling Good about your body.

Imagine being able to LIVE in peace with food, your body, your weight, and YOU.

All of this is possible once you transform your inside, your mind. This is what must be done if you ever wish to achieve permanent transformation in your body. If you ever wish to drop the fat, and Keep it Off.

In The Past

The amazing outcome here is the fact that that little cake is still sitting in my frig. Why? Because I just haven’t felt like eating it. No compulsion, no overwhelming need or desire for it.

I bought it because 1) I said I would and 2) it’s something I would have done in the past. However, I no longer have the inner patterns that drove me to overeat in the past. You see, in the past after bringing home that little cake on Monday I would have eaten it right away. Whether or not I was physically hungry.

And I would have then eaten whatever else I could find, even though I wasn’t hungry!

I would have felt bad about eating the cake, and I would have still been overweight.


Perhaps you have already read my story on my flagship site Stop Hiding Behind The Fat. My story of how I went from a size 12 to an 8 in only two months and then ate what I wanted during the holiday season and maintained my size 8 – without deprivation, dieting, or struggle. Today I’m a size 6, AND, I have cake, or dessert, if I want it. No deprivation, dieting, or struggle.

How is this possible? How is it possible that I’ve had that little cake in my house for 5 days and haven’t wanted to eat it, when in the past I would have eaten it that same night…even if/probably if I wasn’t even hungry?!

This is possible and it’s the way I live today because I got the help and did the work to transform my inside. Yes, even though I was coaching my clients to success I myself was stuck at a size 12 and I had to invest in ME to get the objective help to lead me out of my own blindspots so that I could transform my inside. After that, the physical actions to drop the fat and keep it off became struggle-free. Simple. Easy to stay consistent.

You must transform your mind before you take physical action to lose weight IF you want to have permanent, lasting success. If you take physical action first without transforming your inside then you’ll continue to force yourself to diet and exercise.

If you desire to forever transform your relationship with food, your body, your weight, and YOU, then you must start from the inside. Otherwise you can keep on forcing yourself to diet for the rest of your life and lose some weight, gain it back, over and over, just like I used to do in the past. (Not fun!)

YOU can have the same results – you can end you food compulsions, feel at peace with food, drop the fat, and keep it off. All you need is a simple, proven system that will lead you step-by-step through lasting inner transformation.

Do THAT, and then it’s easy to stay consistent with your healthy habits. And if you do want cake, you have some. No big deal and no weight gain because you eat the cake only if you want to, not because you have to. Not because you can’t stop yourself (and then regret it afterwards). No, if you do want to eat cake you do it because it’s what you want to do, you have some instead of all without any problem, and you feel good afterwards.

All of this (and more) is simple once you transform on the inside.

When You No Longer WANT Cake – Amazing!