Birthday CupcakeIt’s been four years since Fearless Fat Loss was born on March 7, 2007 and today Fearless Fat Loss gets cake! Very exciting.

Why is this so exciting? Because back when I wrote and published my very first post here at Fearless Fat Loss, “How to Stop Perfectionism from Derailing Your Diet” I wrote about dieting and food addiction in that article. After that I went on to write many posts over the following couple of years here at Fearless Fat Loss that essentially made food out to be “the bad guy”.

Well guess what?! This is the result that making food “the bad guy” got me back then: a loss of a few pounds, a regain of those pounds, and staying stuck at a size 12 (even though I was successfully coaching others to success!).

Yes, it’s true – I was still stuck myself because while I’m fabulous at helping others get what they want, I had to get objective help for me so that I could get unstuck. And that had nothing to do with the food…

Food Is Just Food

Making food “the bad guy” was not the permanent solution to my past food and weight problems and focusing on food, making it “the bad guy”, will never work for you either. The permanent solution to your food and weight problems will never be found in a diet. (Hey, if a healthy diet/lifestyle program were the solution, then all you’d have to do is DO it…and then why would anyone be overweight?)

Why does it matter today to point this out? Simple: if you want to end your struggles with food and your weight then you want to learn from me and stop focusing on food. Food is not the reason you are stuck in an overweight, unhealthy, feel-bad body. Your problem is not the food and you will not find the permanent solution to your weight problems in the food. Ever.

To permanently solve your weight problems you must get to the root of why you stop yourself from taking consistent, healthy actions. You must get to the root of why you overeat, abuse food, hold on to the excess fat, and more.

What’s super exciting is that once you have a simple, proven, step-by-step process that will help you get to and heal the root of whatever has been blocking you from lasting success with your weight, then you are able to get (and keep!) the body of your dreams.

Once you do that, then you can eat cake (if you want it), but you’ll no longer feel compelled to eat the whole cake!

If you want any, you’ll be fine with one piece, or with sharing a piece. Either way, once you get to the root of what has been stopping you from achieving lasting success with your weight, then food is no longer an issue. You can move on and drop the excess fat from your body, keep it off, and Live Your Life, IN the Body of Your Dreams.

You will naturally and effortlessly be drawn to healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle, however when you want a cookie, a piece of cake, or some chips, you’ll have what you want – without fear of weight gain. Without fear of compulsively overeating. Without fear of losing all control and going back to your “old ways”.

Do I Get to Eat Cake All Day?

It’s important to note that just because the root of your weight problems has nothing to do with food, at the same time the way you’ve been eating and living has of course created your overweight, unhealthy, feel-bad body.

And yes, of course, the body functions wonderfully on whole foods. Yet still, the permanent solution to your weight problems is not to say “eat only whole foods”. No, instead the permanent solution to your weight problems is very specific Inner Transformation. Transformation that will forever change how you think, feel, and view food, your body, and your weight.

Once you transform your inner self to match the body you desire to live in, then your actions will match. Not by force, not by willpower, but naturally. Effortlessly.

It is this Inner Transformation that allowed me personally to go from a size 12 to an 8 in only 2 months. Then I went on to maintain that size 8 all throughout the holiday season without deprivation, dieting, or struggle…and you see, neither of my outcomes were a result of making food “the bad guy”! This is not about the food.

Today I’m wearing a size 6. Still without deprivation, dieting, or struggle. Food is food and yes, I am drawn to whole, healthy foods, and I don’t deprive myself of anything else I may want. It’s about how I eat and how I think much much more than about what I eat. It’s simple…because I transformed my Inside before dropping the excess fat on the outside. Effortlessly.

Permanent Inner Transformation Rocks

All of this is due to permanent Inner Transformation, which is the same step-by-step process I lead my clients through (read what they have to say here).

This week to celebrate Four Years at Fearless Fat Loss I’ll be sharing more with you about this topic so stay tuned for more. However there’s no reason to wait on getting your own results if you’re fed up and frustrated with being so successful in your career or business, yet still you are struggling with this one area of your life: food and your weight.

If that’s you then be sure and read what others I’ve worked with have to say. I used to tell myself that “tomorrow I’d change” but tomorrow never came because today IS the tomorrow you told yourself yesterday would be different. Until you have a simple, proven, step-by-step process to transform your inside however, then nothing can change permanently on the outside. And the struggle will continue.

There’s no need to wait on your own transformation, especially if you want your body to match the success you are already living in your career or business life. Just how much easier would it be for you to go even higher with your career/business successes if you were living in the body of your dreams? How much better would your quality of life be?

Find out more here while I celebrate Four Years at Fearless Fat Loss and enjoy a little cupcake…without fear of weight gain or of needing to eat “the whole cake”. Imagine what that would be like for YOU if you could do the same.