Struggle-Free Weight LossThere was a time when I struggled endlessly with food and my weight so I completely understand how YOU feel today!

In fact when I started Fearless Fat Loss (formerly called The Fit Shack) three years ago in March, 2007, I was struggling then.

I was making food the problem and would get quite anxious if I did not eat “perfectly” at all times.

Today in 2010, it is getting harder to remember what it was like to struggle and while I’m in the process now of creating my ideal body, my very own fit, healthy, sexy body, I’m totally enjoying the process and I’m having fun todaywhile I’m getting healthy weight loss results.

Yes, that’s right – there is no waiting until I get to my goal weight to then feel good, I’m having fun and feeling good right now.

I look great, I feel great, I love my clothes I’m wearing, I’m having fun, and it’s all good. AND, I have approximately 17 more pounds to drop! (approximately as I may change that number, higher or lower when I am closer to where I wish to be. It’s not about the number, it’s about my health, strength, muscle tone, etc.)

Today I am at the lowest weight I have been since I began Fearless Fat Loss almost 3 years ago (2007)!

How am I doing this? Simple! I am taking action with the same tools and processes I coach my clients in when they take the journey through my step-by-step proven System to Permanent Weight Loss. When they take action with all of the empowering tools I provide them out and around their inner blind spots then they become a match on the inside to the fit, healthy, sexy body they wish to create for themselves on the outside!

When you do the Inner work to become that person on the inside who would live in a fit, healthy, sexy body on the outside, then the physical actions to create that body become easy and effortless. It can be no other way for in doing the Inner, Core work in my step-by-step proven System, you finally release all of those life long inner struggles you’ve lived with. You know what I mean: your inner tug-o-war between “I want to be slender and fit” and “I want to eat eat eat and I can’t stop!”.

Once you no longer have any inner struggles then there is nothing else for you to fight against and your outcome is Effortless Weight Loss. Permanent Weight Loss and Maintenance. Then it’s no longer any big deal to live a healthy and fit lifestyle!

Weight Loss Becomes Effortless

Eating the foods that you believe will give you the body of your dreams becomes effortless.

Doing the physical exercise that will create the fit, healthy, sexy body of your dreams becomes effortless.

The entire process to get fit, healthy, and sexy becomes effortless once you solve the real issue…which is NOT the food or your fat.

Nope, when you continue to attack the symptom with yet another diet or exercise program (or worse yet, some silly diet gimmick) and do not become an inner match to the body of your dreams, then you are only attempting to put a bandaid on the real issue and you keep yourself on The Treadmill-o-Struggle. Not fun!

The Treadmill-o-Struggle (a.k.a. NOT Effortless Weight Loss!)

The Treadmill-o-Struggle is a companion to living in Stuckville and Tomorrowland, those places where you keep doing the same things over and over again that have never given you fun, effortless, lasting results.

Humans have a funny way of thinking that if something isn’t working that they should keep doing the same thing but do it harder, and that’s a great way to keep yourself on The Treadmill-o-Struggle.

If something isn’t working and all you’re getting is struggle then it’s time to do something else (!) and it makes sense to do “a something else” that is proven to get you the result you really want.

However, if you’re addicted to the struggle then you’ll keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing. I am much happier after letting the struggle go, and while it does take learning how to do that, it can definitely be learned.

Effortless Weight Loss – What it Feels Like!

Here’s what effortless weight loss feels like. Well, a few of the ways that effortless weight loss feels. There is more but these right here are a good start…if you want effortless weight loss and wonder what it would feel like. 😉

  • No more obsession about food, worrying about what to eat, what not to eat, that you ate too much, too little, that this or that food is going to make you fat. No more of that endless obsession.
  • A natural attraction to the foods that you believe will allow your body to effortlessly drop the fat.
  • No more self-sabotage.
  • You enjoy the journey – it’s fun to create the body of your dreams!
  • Vacations no longer trigger a “free for all” and a 10 pound weight gain.
  • No more food restrictions, calorie counting, falls into same category of food obsession.
  • You appreciate your body NOW even while you still have 10, 50, or 100 (or more) pounds of fat on it that you desire to release.
  • Going out to dinner or on a vacation becomes Fun instead of an anxiety and worry about weight gain.
  • No more doubts about your ability to get fit, healthy, and sexy, and STAY there!

These are only a portion of the fabulous, exciting results of true, effortless weight loss.

It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it feels really good. In fact, it becomes so easy that I must now work at remembering what the struggle felt like.

It becomes so natural and it has become so natural for me that I’ve had to change my perspective on what I write about. For so many years I wrote about the struggle and how I was forcing myself to change, which of course, never works.

Forcing yourself to change is like trying to hold back a tidal wave. It’s so easy to take physical action to create the body of your dreams though, when you become on the inside the person who would live in a fit, healthy, sexy body on the outside. Then weight loss becomes effortless.

It’s so “funny” because I used to teach my clients how to do this and I wasn’t taking action with the same tools I gave them to succeed. Today I am because I stepped up and allowed myself to use those same tools and get out of my own way.

Loose Jeans and Effortless Weight Loss – This Rocks!

Effortless weight loss Rocks and who knows, maybe I’ll end up holding an auction or something for my super cute jeans that are getting really loose on me. I am already wearing size 8 dresses and my jeans are a 12 (Update 2012: Note the date on this post, February 2010. Read my update in 2010 about going from a 12 to an 8 in only 2 months – Struggle-Free!)

But that’s not the best part. The best part is that I’m no longer forcing myself to do anything!!

Chocolate and Effortlesss Weight Loss…

Oh yes, and I’ve been eating chocolate…without guilt, obsession, or self-criticizm. Can you imagine what it would be like to eat what you want and have absolutely no worry or anxiety about it, and still lose weight? (and KEEP it off!)

I had some chocolate cake on Saturday night out on a Valentine’s date and some cookies last night. And I noticed that I didn’t eat much of the cake and I didn’t want the whole container of cookies like I would have in the past, in fact I could take them or leave them. I prefer to mainly eat whole foods…because I like them! No force involved.

So this is what it feels like to be living the dream – effortless weight loss. Effortless weight loss feels great because the actions you take to get fit, healthy, and sexy are…well, they’re effortless!

It feels fun, enjoyable, and struggle-free.

It feels great Now. It feels Fabulous to have a core of rock-solid belief in your belly that not only will you “get” the body of your dreams, but you will keep it. No doubt about it.

What Does All of This Mean for YOU?

Very simple – you now have an idea of what it would feel like if you were living the dream of effortless weight loss.

You realize that if I and my clients can do this, then so can you! If one human being can learn to do something then anyone else can… if you allow yourself to learn how (and especially if I can do this…someone who was so stuck in struggle and is now taking effortless action.)

Your Next Step – – > IF You Are Serious About Dropping Your Ongoing Struggle

If YOU are sick and tired of the never-ending struggle, of staying on that Treadmill-o-Struggle, and you are ready to take different action then apply here now for a one-on-one complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session.

On the call you will gain clarity about where you are now, about exactly where you want to go, and I look forward to hearing from you specifically why it is so important to you to drop all of your struggle with food and your weight. You will also learn if my step-by-step proven System to Permanent Weight Loss…Effortless Weight Loss…would be a fit for you, or not!

Just imagine, if you no longer struggled, if you could stay consistent with your healthy lifestyle, if you Felt Great about YOU and no longer obesessed about food or your weight, AND if you felt good in your own skin and finally loved what you see in the mirror…..wowza, in how many ways would that transform your LIFE? To finally be living IN the body of your dreams…instead of just dreaming about it.

If you are a spiritual, smart, high-achieving woman who is already successful in your business life and would LOVE to finally drop your struggles with food and your weight, so that you could have a fabulous body that matches your otherwise fabulous life, then apply for a complimentary call with me now (Only for Serious Action Takers).

Note: I have a limited amount of time slots available in my schedule for these complimentary calls and all applications are taken on a first come, first serve basis.

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