Yo-Yo!So you say you want to lose weight but instead you lose a few pounds and then regain it all back plus more (ack!)!

You feel extremely frustrated because you’ve been dealing with your weight problems for most of your life.

In fact, as you think back right now, you can identify the age you were as a child when you first started struggling with negative thoughts and behaviors that led to your overweight body today.

What’s interesting is you may be seeing that you were not even overweight back then! But still the negativity towards your body, food, and your weight was there, and the struggle began…

Now, take a piece of paper, write down your current age, and subtract your childhood age of “weight struggle beginnings” from your current age. What you are looking at on your paper are the total number of years of your struggle!

Wow, imagine if you could finally break free of that! How would you feel?!

Instead though, if you keep on doing the same things you’ve been doing, what results will you get? Exactly how many more diets do you need to do before you admit to yourself that what you’re doing just isn’t working?

3 Signs Diets Aren’t Working For You

Before you can achieve permanent success with your weight you must be willing to Get Real with yourself. If you continue to tell yourself that “someday things will change”….well, how many years precisely have you been telling yourself that?

What exactly has changed?

The road to someday leads to the town of nowhere. ~ Tony Robbins

To help you Get Real with yourself and finally admit that you must do something very different than the diets you’ve been doing, let’s take a look at 3 signs diets aren’t working for you:

1.)  You lose weight only to regain the weight (plus more!).

You are the typical yo-yo dieter, just like my client Chris was before we met and she did my step-by-step system to permanent weight loss.

But just because there are millions of people out there who are yo-yo dieters, that doesn’t mean that you like it, does it?

What’s good about the fact that you are a yo-yo dieter is that you are taking the time to admit it to yourself right now. And as you read this article you are realizing that yes, it’s not working for you. How do you know? Because:

2.) You’ve never achieved permanent success with your weight.

Yes, this is a glaring sign that diets are not working for you. And while you’d think it would be very clear to anyone when they look at their results, it’s so easy to keep telling yourself that “Monday I’ll start!” or “New Year’s Day will be different!”

But how many times have you told yourself this? And what exactly are your results today?

3.) You never stop searching for the next new diet. 

The third sign that dieting isn’t working for you is that you are consistently on the hunt for diet tips, new diets, diet fads, celebrity weight loss tips, and more. In fact that’s probably how you ended up reading this article!

At least that’s a good thing, because I provide the permanent solution to your ongoing food and weight struggles. If you are willing to let go of the drama, the stress, and the back and forth weight gains/weight loss/weight gains.

This is a very important point because if you are so invested in your habit of hunting then you are likely getting an adrenalin rush when you find each new diet tip. And if that is the result you are happy with, then great! But if you’re actually serious about dropping the struggle along with the fat and keeping it off for good, then that requires very different action.

Action that gets results.

A First Step towards Permanent Weight Loss

If you’re ready to release the struggle and the fat because you can see that the parade of diets you’ve done have not worked for you then here’s a baby step you can take immediately: Click here to get my FREE 5-Day E-course and discover if Your Mindset is Fit or F.A.T.

Once you have a weight loss mindset then there is no more hunt for the next and newest diet fad. No more stress, struggle, or strain. How would it feel to have the result of struggle-free weight loss, put an end to the struggle, and drop the hunt?

Photo credit: miguel77 on flickr

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