I was thinking…this site is actually a chronological journey of the personal growth process I’ve gone through since I started writing here at Fearless Fat Loss in March, 2007.

I’ve been on a journey of conscious personal growth and self-improvement as well as in love with the topic of the “human potential” since I was a kid – I started reading my mom’s self-help books when I was around 10 or so. She tells me that the first one of them I read was I’m OK–You’re OK but the one that sticks out in my mind is Wayne Dyer’s Your Erroneous Zones.

It’s All a Process

Expanding your consciousness and awareness is a lifelong process and you’re never really “there” because it’s not a destination, it’s truly a journey, just like weight loss is. And the thing about weight loss is that you can be happy now and enjoy the journey instead of forcing yourself to do “whatever it takes” to lose weight because you think that once you do (lose weight), then you will be happy. Well if that’s what you’re doing I can tell you from my own experience, having been on both sides, that you’re going about it all backwards (there’s another way to say that, but I won’t 😉 ).

Where Am I Going With This, You Ask?

I was inspired to write this today because I’m realizing more and more how much my awareness has expanded and how much ease I am in now with my own process….I know, I told you I was going to write a post and tell you a really neat story about how easily I’m losing weight and I’ll still do that, but first I want to get back to my inspiration for today’s post…

On my recent post When You Change The Way You Look At Things…(then the things you look at change!) Jennie left a comment which you can read here. She wasn’t sure if I was kidding or not when I made the point that there are positives to being overweight.

My answer to that is nope, I’m not kidding – what I’m saying is that when you can get happy now about where you are at in this very moment and find all of the positives that you can in your current situation (being overweight), then you will be able to create the body that you want.

If instead you focus on the negatives and continue to beat yourself up, criticize yourself for overeating and gaining weight, what will you get as an outcome? What will you do? You’ll go for the food and overeat to try to make yourself feel better because you feel so bad after focusing on all of those negatives!

I’m not suggesting that anyone stay unhealthy and overweight – the human body isn’t built to withstand the pressure on the joints, the heart, the arteries and the skin that overweight puts on the body, not to mention the stress on the emotions, thoughts, and self-esteem of the individual. I am suggesting finding the positives in where you are at right now, which is what my previous post is about.

Ya Gotta Focus on the Positives Today

Can you see why it’s so important to keep your focus on the positives and get happy now instead of working backwards? If you’re putting off your happiness until that future date when you’ve reached your goal weight that future date either won’t come or it will be a struggle to get there because it won’t be fun and it sure won’t be easy.

You can have fun on your journey of weight loss and remember at the same time that the process is where you’ll do your learning and growing. When you can get in this space today then there’s no longer any rush to get to your goal weight because you’re not hinging your happiness on your destination. Therefore if you have 100 pounds to lose and it takes you 13 months to do it (losing 2 pounds a week) then what does it matter? You’ll be having fun, getting healthy and fit, staying focused on the positives, and enjoying the journey.