Self-Honesty About Your Weight Loss Goals at FearlessFatLoss.comHere’s something for you to ask yourself today: Are you lying to yourself about your weight loss goals?

In other words, are you continually telling yourself that you want to lose weight, that you will lose weight, that you can lose weight, but you don’t change how you eat or how you exercise? Maybe you even tell yourself that you’ll lose weight tomorrow?

Do You Really Want to Lose Weight?

Weight loss is not for the faint of heart because it requires changes in your body, mind, and spirit – it’s not enough to simply get on the latest diet craze bandwagon because until you change how you think, how you feel, and how you act you won’t be able to keep off any weight that you do lose. It all comes down to a complete lifestyle change in order to lose the weight in the first place and then keep it off for good.

Since weight loss does take consistent, persistent, healthy action and an all around lifestyle change it’s often described as one of the hardest tasks to undertake in life. However, because it does require consistent effort the sense of accomplishment you will feel from reaching your weight loss goal will be enormous, not to mention how great you’ll feel by continuing to sustain your healthy lifestyle.

What this means though, is that you might not be being completely honest with yourself when you keep telling yourself that you want to lose weight. If you have been telling yourself that it will all be super easy and will not require much effort (it can be effortless when you have the right mindset but will certainly require healthy lifestyle action) then you have not prepared a solid, detailed action plan and without that action plan you cannot succeed.

You must know not only where you are headed but also the exact actions you will take to get yourself there and if instead you are simply telling yourself that you “want” to lose weight but are not taking action then it’s time to get totally honest with yourself. It’s vitally important to include the fact that 90% of what makes weight loss easy is the right mindset. So when you’re investing in a weight loss action plan, only 10% of that action plan is about diet and exercise, if you want it to be easy to lose the weight and keep it off.

What If Your Truth = No Change and No Weight Loss?

So what if you do get down to the basics, get honest with yourself, and learn that you have been lying to yourself just a little, that in essence you truly do not want to do what it takes to change your lifestyle? What if you learn that you really don’t want to change how you eat and exercise?

Well this is actually the best thing you can learn! You see getting honest with yourself and being able to tell yourself that, “Hey, I really don’t want to lose weight and I don’t want to change” is a whole lot better than telling yourself a lie. Why? Because if you stay stuck in the lie you aren’t going to get what you keep saying you want anyway. But, if you realize that you haven’t truly wanted what you thought you did then you can get to work in discovering why you don’t want to change.

If you can learn and understand exactly why you do not want to change then you’ve got something to work with. You’ll be much closer to a breakthrough taking that route than you ever will by staying stuck in a lie. Furthermore, if you struggle with understanding why you don’t want to change then the best thing you can do in the moment is surrender to where you are at. At least then you are living in surrender to your current state of unwillingness to change and that will work in your favor because you can always make another choice.

Get Real – With YOU!

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and you decide to get real, get honest with yourself today, then you can get so much closer to getting healthy and fit then you ever could by staying stuck in unreality and lying to yourself. Once you know exactly where you stand at this moment then you can go from there but while you continue to tell yourself you want to lose weight (and you really don’t), then you are caught in that cycle of “going nowhere fast”. You can make the choice to take a different route however and it all starts with getting real and getting honest – with you.

What comes next is action. Action to transform yourself from the inside out so that weight loss becomes super easy to do. This is easy to do once you have a proven step-by-step system to follow with daily action steps all laid out for you, along with a professional mentor and coach to assist you along the way.

If You Are Serious About Achieving Struggle-Free Weight Loss

If you have gotten real with yourself and decided that YES You Deserve to achieve struggle-free weight loss, and you realize that NO this will never happen by telling yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow”, AND you’re being super smart about it because you realize you can’t do it on your own (if you could, you already would have!) then here’s your first step: Click to apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session with permanent weight loss coach JoLynn Braley. This is your first step towards achieving freedom from the struggle (yay!).

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