Here’s a thought for you today on the topic of Inspiration – In Spirit, Inspired From Within….are you feelin’ it?

Inspiration – It’s Not Motivation

I used to think that (weight loss) motivation was the same as inspiration but now I know that it’s not. How do I know this? Because I’m living it. 😉 

Motivation is struggle – it’s forcing yourself to “get motivated” to do something, which in this case is “getting motivated to lose weight”. Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to stay motivated? Because it is not inspired action or inspiration from within but instead is a force you must put upon yourself to make yourself do something. You are forcing yourself to take some kind of action in order to feel motivated to take more action.

Motivation = Force

This is a very important distinction to “get” if you are at all interested in and inspired to get fit from the inside out, to live consciously fit, and to deliberately create your ideal body (yes, I am talking about the law of attraction although I might not always use that term 😉 ).  To “get motivated” is a forced action you take to get yourself moving, however when you are inspired from within to create your ideal body….wow, what a difference!!

Inspiration = Effortless Action

When you are truly inspired from within to create a healthy, fit, strong, slender, sexy body for yourself, you might fool yourself by thinking that you’re not “doing” much because it feels so easy, but guess what – you sure are doing something!! It’s just that now the “doing”, the action that you take is no longer a struggle, and therefore it feels different.

What is vitally important here however, is that when you do get into the flow with effortless action that you consciously acknowledge those effortless actions that you are now taking. For example, if you used to have to motivate yourself to go for a 30-minute walk each day but now it is so easy for you to do because you are inspired to do it, you love how you feel when you walk, it’s become a part of your day, then be sure and acknowledge how easy and effortless it is for you now.

Why? Because the law of attraction works for anything and everything in your life whether you are using it deliberately or not, but when you choose to use it deliberately it’s by consciously acknowledging your changes from struggle to easy that gives you the feedback that loa “really works”. Of course it works, you cannot not use it because you cannot escape the fact that you live in this vibrational Universe but oh, it sure is fun when you choose to use it deliberately, consciously, and create not only your ideal body but whatever else you want.

Some Thoughts For The Day

These are simply some thoughts for you today. My post may be a little rambly, but that’s ok. I have not been feeling inspired to write here at Fearless Fat Loss lately however I was inspired to write this today, so I did. There will be more to come, rest assured, it’s only a transitional stage I am going through with Fearless Fat Loss. I’ve mentioned this before, but I am not the same person I was when I started writing here over 2 years ago, nor am I in the same space. And I love that, because I continue to get closer to where I am headed, so it’s all good stuff all around.

Shine ON with your conscious fitness YOU! 🙂

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