When You Change The Way You Look At Things the Things You Look At Change – Wayne Dyer, The Power of Intention

Remember the old saying that every cloud has a silver lining? There is always something good to be found in every challenge you face although you might not always be able to see the good at that time. In fact you might not be able to see the good in it until the challenge is far behind you, years behind you.

So What About Food and Weight Challenges?

There are many good things that you could find in your challenge with being overweight and leaning on food in your life. Really, there are! Here are just a few that I can think of right now:

Being overweight can help you have:

  • More compassion for others who are challenged in life
  • More patience with others
  • More curiosity because you’re looking for how to change your situation

These are just a couple of positives that could come out of the challenge of being overweight and/or having struggles with food and there are many more I could list, one being the opportunity to help others since you’ve already been there/done that and can relate. 

That’s the main positive for me – I’ve taken what many would call the negative of food and weight struggles and turned it into a positive, my ability to help others. I’m now very grateful for all of the challenges I’ve had because if I hadn’t had them then I would not be able to relate to others who are there right now.

How Many Positives Can You Find?

See how many positives you can come up with for your current overweight and/or food challenges. Things really do change when you change the way you look at them.