It’s time to update you on my progress with my personal weight loss progress and I’d like to let you know that for the next 12 weeks my intention is to keep Monday’s weigh in post focused mainly on the food and exercise portion of my process.

If you’re new to Fearless Fat Loss, I don’t believe that weight loss is as simple as just telling someone to diet and exercise to lose weight, however if you caught my recent post about my new experiment in emotional eating, I will be giving you my updates on that part of my journey (yeah!) on Wednesdays.

So, without further ado, here’s where I stand today:

I had kind of a weird week. I’ve been using my Urban Rebounder instead of my treadmill to do my cardio, which is acceptable per the 6-Week Body Makeover program as long as you stay in your target heart rate zone the whole time. I’ve only been doing a light jog/walk on the rebounder and even though it’s a light impact way to do it, jogging isn’t my regular routine.

Anyway, bottom line is that I was doing too much and I hurt myself. I pulled a muscle in my left thigh after I was already feeling stress in my knees. I have to go back to my paced walking on my treadmill for awhile now until I heal and then I’ll do a mix of rebounding and treadmill.

Last weeks accomplishments:

  • Completed 4 cardio sessions of 45 minutes each
  • Maintained my 12.5 pound weight loss (I weighed in at 163 on January 1st), staying at 150.5.
  • Stuck to my food plan with a few deviations, however the deviations were at least healthier than I used to select.
  • I cooked up some healthy on-plan meals.
  • I drank at least 100oz. of clean water each day.

What I can do better this week:

  • I didn’t get in my 2 body sculpting sessions last week so I need to be sure to do those this week.
  • I can portion out my meals each night for the next day and put in the frig. – this way when it’s time for me to eat (every 2.5 – 3 hours), my portions are all ready to go.
  • I can do my paced walking on the treadmill or outside and give myself a break from the rebounder.

Even though I didn’t show a loss on the scale today, I’m very happy to have maintained my 12.5 pound loss. I cannot expect to lose weight anyway because I didn’t follow my eating plan 100% so I didn’t help my body burn off stored fat. Now not seeing a loss might not sound like an accomplishment to you, however it is a big deal to me. Why? Because in the past if I veered even a little bit from my goals (e.g.: I didn’t do my body sculpting sessions last week), then I would “punish” myself by binging on crappy food, and then I’d gain weight.

One last thing that was a hugely different experience for me: I went to an open house Friday night that offered free food for the guests. You know what happened? I didn’t eat any. Why? I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t know that they were offering food and I ate at home before I went. They had all kinds of tasty treats and in the past I would have gone for it, even though it wasn’t the type healthy food that I eat.

What was amazing was that I wasn’t even tempted. I’m including this bit in today’s post because I don’t think it is already a result of my experiment in emotional eating, but I could be wrong. I’d be surprised about that since I just started the Shrink Yourself program but either way, I felt like I was a different person; quite amazing to me.

I’ll give you another update on my weight loss progress next Monday. Remember also that the New Earth webinar begins tonight (9pm EST) with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle. Oprah gave an update on the registration today – 750,000 people from 139 countries have already registered for the event!

I’ll be there and I know that some of you will, too. If this is the first you’ve heard of it, check out my post for the details. Should be a very good thing!

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