It takes a whole lot of courage to make change in your life; it’s why many people don’t take action to change. Even though things may be very painful – your body could be in pain because of the extra weight and your life may be suffering in many different areas because of this – but at least you know what to expect, right?

This can be a tricky place to be in, if you are a person who knows that your life could be so much better. That saying “ignorance is bliss” is true after all – if you don’t know how much better it could be and instead you think that how it is is “just how it is”, then you’re probably happier than if you knew what was out there on the other side – the positive, happier side of life! (but then you wouldn’t be reading Fearless Fat Loss. 😉 )

The Courage To Change – Week 12 in Attacking Anxiety and Depression

The courage to change is the topic of week twelve in my self-experiment with Lucinda Bassett’s Attacking Anxiety and Depression program. Even though the program sounds on the surface that it doesn’t have anything to do with weight loss it actually has much more to do with it than you might imagine. If this is the first time reading this series go to the beginning and read the introduction to this 15-week series where you will learn why I decided to write this series and just how it applies to the symptom of overweight.

The courage to change is definitely necessary when it comes to weight loss or any other positive change you make in your life such as changing your negative thinking, which is what this series is all about. Negative thinking is at the base of anxiety, stress, and anxiety and actually it’s at the base of the symptom of overweight.

Resisting Change

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Resistance is a biggie when it comes to change. Have you ever resisted making healthy changes in your diet and/or exercise regime? Have you ever had a struggle with changing negative habits?

Whatever you resist persists – if you didn’t have resistance that you don’t have the desire for the opposite of what you’re currently doing. In other words, you can be saying that you really want to lose weight – you have a desire to lose weight and at the same time you resist making the very changes that will help you achieve your desire such as:

  • Eating healthy, whole foods instead of the metabolism crashing processed foods
  • Replacing sodas with water
  • Drinking at least 100oz of clean water each day
  • Getting regular exercise such as 30 minutes of paced walking each day or 5 days a week
  • Changing your thinking and allowing yourself to see yourself thin

Why would you resist making the very changes that will help you get what you say that you want? Well there could be many things running under the surface that are holding you back and it will take courage to uncover those roadblocks to your personal progress. Yep, we’re right back to the topic of having the courage to change. Not only will you need courage to change but also courage to see the process through to the end and beyond! (you want to keep the weight off, right?)

What I Learned

There were many points covered in week twelve of the Attacking Anxiety and Depression program and one of them answers the question of why you would resist doing what will get you the results that you say that you want: because you are getting something from the negative behavior you are currently engaging in. There is a reason that you keep the negative habit rolling whether that habit is negative thinking, keeping the stress level high with endless, daily, “busyness”, overeating, or food abuse. It’s because you are getting some kind of a pay off from these habits, which could be:

  • A feeling of importance – “If I don’t have [insert habit] then what will I have to talk/complain about; who will I be?”
  • Staying in Vicitim mode – “[insert outside object i.e.: food, work, schedule, people] make me this way; I cannot do anything about it and I [insert habit] because of it/them!”
  • Comfortability – “I know what to expect from [insert habit] and I don’t know what will happen if I change”

It takes courage to move beyond procrastination and resistance to change but it can certainly be done. This doesn’t mean you won’t feel any fear but you can feel that fear and move ahead anyway. You will need courage first off to be totally honest with yourself about the payoff that you’re currently receiving from your negative habit(s). All you need to do is start with where you are at, accept where you are starting from, be completely honest with yourself, and then you can move on to the action stage to make those changes you wish to make.

Change Can Stir Up Anxiety

All of this change can actually stir up more anxiety while the Attacking Anxiety and Depression program is supposed to be helping you heal that! A really great tool that comes with the program though, is a relaxation tape, which is recommended for use 1-3 times a day in the beginning of the program. All you need to remember is that it’s natural that you may feel resistance and even anxiety when it comes to making positive changes in your life, but when you have courage to follow through with action then you will make progress towards your goals.



The Courage to Change (and Lose Weight!)