Now that’s something you’ve probably never heard put together in one sentence – the words “Thanksgiving” and “weight loss”!

The thing is that you’ve heard me say this before and I’ll for sure say it again – what you focus on is what you will create more of in your life. You create your own reality.  

Focus On The Good

If you are overweight, instead of keeping your focus on the positives you just might be spending most of your time focusing on how much you dislike the feeling of being overweight – well do you know what this will get you? More of the same!

What if you take this opportunity of Thanksgiving, a day for giving thanks, and start the habit of focusing on everything that you are thankful for, focus on everything that you like about yourself and your life? What if you were to find just 5 things each day that you like about yourself and/or your life?

When you do this you will get your focus off of what you don’t like (maybe you don’t like being overweight?) and put it onto what you do like. You’ll find that you feel just a little bit better about things, which is a whole lot better than feeling down on yourself for gaining weight!

Find 5 Things You Like About YOU

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If it’s at all difficult for you to find 5 things you like about yourself or your life then you can start with the basics – any little thing that you like about yourself or that is working for you in your life today. Louise L. Hay wrote in You Can Heal Your Life that when she started loving herself that the only thing she could find about that she liked were her fingernails – that could be a start for you too, if you struggle with this at all.

Some more basics about your life that you could give thanks for are your indoor heat or air conditioning, depending on where you live. Or what about giving thanks for the ability to read these words, or how about sending some loving, thankful thoughts to your heart? Focus on how effortlessly it beats for you and pumps blood throughout your body.

There is always something you can find to be thankful for each day and something about yourself that you can find to love. These are some very basic examples to show you that there are numerous things for you to focus your gratitude on and that you can always go to those very bottom-like basics if you ever try to tell yourself that “you can’t find anything good about today”.

Use Thanksgiving as Your Springboard to Daily Gratitude

If you aren’t in the habit of finding at least 5 things to be thankful for each day now is the perfect time to start. Get your focus off of any negative feelings you may have about your weight and put it on the things you like about yourself and the things that are working for you.

Do this for at least 2 weeks solid and then see how much your outlook has changed and then keep on going until the end of this year. See just how much good you can find in your life between now and the end of 2008 and rocket on into 2009. Have fun with it and be thankful.

If you would like more help with the process of finding  loving yourself you can check out my series, 31 Days of Loving Yourself Thin. This would be a great process for you to start now to ring out 2008 with more self-love!


Thanksgiving – Your Springboard to Daily Gratitude and Weight Loss